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Glooko, t:slim, and Dexcom = My Dream d-Data System

I remember using Glooko way back when I had the old iPhone 4s cable (I actually found it in one of my supply boxes yesterday) that connected to my freestyle meter. I honestly don’t know how long I’ve had that account, but I’m glad that I do.

glookoWhen I first had my t:slim, Glooko and mySugr were the two apps I kept my data in before t:connect was approved by the FDA. In a way, I hated it because I *had* to manually log everything. But, in a way, it was good because I had to pay attention to everything. I think that was the only time I had the lowest A1c ever because I had to think about it and manually log, so I kept everything in check regularly. But, I always liked their reports, and the app interface.

Now, Glooko has come a long way from how it looked back then. There is so much more to the app, and we can connect more things. I like that I can upload my Bayer Contour Next meter into the system with my Nexus tablet, and that I can set Glooko to pull my Dexcom data from the Dexcom “cloud” via my Apple Healthkit. They are also making strides to also include pumps into the upload process. Just recently, they were able to add the Omnipod and they’re working on a way to add the Medtronic pumps into the lineup.

I have gone back to logging and have downloaded my own reports just to see how they compare to other sites such as the t:connect and Diasend online apps. Honestly, I have to say, I like the Glooko app’s reports SO much better. They are simple yet comprehensive. They are easy to glance over or delve into – however you need them, they have it; they are the perfect combination.

With t:connect, you’re limited on the meters you’re allowed to upload with, and if you don’t use the t:slim G4, you can’t upload your Dexcom into the system – which I think is absolutely crazy. I like their reports too, but without Dexcom in it, I feel like I’m not getting the whole picture. I might would consider changing meters otherwise if they did, but they don’t, and I don’t think they will.

While I like Diasend (I don’t *love* it) because I can practically use any meter I want to use (a.k.a., my beloved Bayer Contour Next USB). Currently, Diasend does not pull data from Dexcom if you have the G5 – neither from the receiver itself nor the Dexcom Cloud if you are in the US, which I am. So since upgrading to the G5 system, I no longer have access to full-data reports, and I’m back at being as frustrated as ever.

Glooko App and tslimAfter seeing the Glooko reports, I really want Glooko to be my go-to web service for all of my diabetes devices. The reports are easy to read and understand, and don’t look like they are from 1990. Since I can’t manually log my basal rates and temp basals and things like that (they say it’s so that records stay consistent, yet I can manually log boluses…. which if I don’t, that would be an inconsistent record as well… so I don’t really follow that logic), I only get 3/4 of the picture. I want my t:slim to be able to upload so that I can get the full report. The reports look to be really comprehensive but I can’t take advantage of it until I can upload my pump.

So, with that being said, I’ve talked with people from Glooko and they are willing to work with Tandem if Tandem is willing to work with them. And, of course, this is something we have to bring up to the companies. Sometimes they will work on things a little faster if their customer base raises their voice and gives them a nudge.

When I called Tandem earlier this week, someone else had already called and put in a request too, so it’s something that not only I am wanting as well. If you don’t want to call them, that’s ok. There is a web form as well that you can fill out and request it – easy peasy.

So, ladies and gentlemen… can I ask a favor? If you use a t:slim, can you go online to Tandem’s contact form (or call and personally request it if you happen to have to call them anyway) and request that Tandem work with Glooko? Pleeeaase??? With a cherry on top?? Thanks!!



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T:Connect Temp Fix

Several months ago, I realized that for some reason I couldn’t review my t:connect reports through Chrome any longer. I’m not one to personally like to use Internet Explorer, but it seemed to be the only browser that would work to pull up my reports. I thought maybe it was just me.. that it was just a glitch in my computer that I would have to just figure out later. Then, this came up in the Tandem users Facebook group from my friend Mike:

mike comment tconnect

I immediately replied that I had the same issue, and that I had to use IE for it to work right. Of course, not a lot of people like IE or even have IE on their computers, so there had to be a fix for this.

The weird thing was I sort of stumbled on a temporary fix for it.

I opened up my t:connect account on Chrome (my preferred browser) and right clicked and selected “Inspect Element”. I do this from time to time if something isn’t working right or if I’m designing something on the blog and I need to know what the name of the element is. And what happened next shocked the heck out of me….

tconnect screen - temp fix

As soon as I clicked “Inspect Element”, everything came up. It worked. Every tab, report, everything. It was like something needed to be jolted for flash to work. Granted, this is just a temporary fix because if you close out of the browser and go back in, the report is blank again until you right click and select “Inspect Element”. You can then just click the “X” on the bottom menu that comes up and the reports will be there until you close the browser again.

I wanted to share this with you guys just in case you are coming across the same issue. It’s just a temporary fix, but it will let you avoid using IE if you’re someone who avoids it like the plague. If I find out a solid solution, I’ll let you guys know.

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t:connect Approved for t:slim!!!!!! (#tslim)

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST. MORNING. EVA!


tconnect-main - Copy

THE email I’ve been waiting for is finally here!!!! Granted, we still have to wait until the end of March for access to the software, but wow! We finally got through the FDA hurdle! That’s huge!!! (Or at least I think so!)

To see the email for more info, click HERE.

Until then, you’ll have to excuse me while I go do my happy-dance.

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