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Breaking the barriers

I’ve been trying since December to stay on top of my weight and to try to stop actually gaining it. Over the past year or so, I’ve gained an unimpressive 30 or so pounds, mostly due to not having time to workout with school and really just not watching what I ate. The struggle came after I stopped breastfeeding 2 years ago. It was so easy to just eat what I wanted and let the fat melt away then, but now? HA. Nope. There’s nothing to get it off except hard work to control my diet and to get my butt moving. I’m way overweight for my height, and I feel horrible. Granted, since December, I’ve lost 10 pounds, but that’s been here and there, gaining and losing, teetering and tottering from not losing anything to having lost the 10 pounds all over again. Plus, with summer-swelling, sometimes it’s nothing more than fluid that I’ve gained or lost.

It’s disheartening to watch food intake via MyFitnessPal and barely lose anything. It seems like every time I almost get out of that 10 pound bracket that was my “starting” amount, I gain again and it’s bye-bye almost and hello “you’re stuck here at this weight” mentality. Plus, with my Fitbit, you can let it know you want to have a goal of 30 minutes of activity 3 times per week, and you can go walk, and it won’t log it.. because it wasn’t “very” active minutes, such as jogging. ‘Scuse me, but I’m no where near being able to jog yet, but I can walk pretty fast and be almost out of breath… yet that’s not enough, so I still see a “0”… which is discouraging.

This morning, I weighed in. I was finally under that “barrier” weight that was my goal of breaking. I was excited. I am excited. I want to keep going. I have a new barrier now. I started out again with walking last night and getting up and doing Zumba this morning. I think that will be my thing.. to do Zumba early in the morning… I just gotta keep it up and not stop. I need that push in the mornings to keep going. I want to break that new barrier and go on to the next one. In the end, it’s not breaking down barriers to weightloss, it’s about breaking down barriers to my health. And my health is worth working for.




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