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What’s New Monday – No. 6

1. First off, today is the day that my NEW t:slim pump arrives… and I.. am… SO… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK ExCiTeD!!!!!!! I kinda wish, though, it had been coming tomorrow like planned because now I’m going to have a full day and evening to play with it and be totally temped to hook up, whereas if it were to come tomorrow, I wouldn’t have time to because we have Erik’s annual Christmas party at work to attend and I wouldn’t be able to. But, alas, this is a good thing too. I can play and play as much as possible with it to be more comfortable with it for training. I was really surprised to see that it’s “on vehicle for delivery” this morning because USUALLY UPS doesn’t deliver before the scheduled date – at least not for us. We’ve actually seen where it was in our local facility and stayed there until the delivery date. Granted, I don’t know how they work – they may have just had full trucks those days until it was supposed to be delivered… but that’s neither here nor there… I’m getting my t:slim package TODAY and that totally ROCKS! Yay for #tslim !!!

2. Kip is walking… a lot! He is a determined little kid now. The look on his face when he walks is all, “I can do this… I can do this… I can do this…” and then when he catches you watching him, he gets all excited and giggles and laughs and tries to hurry to you with a total “I told ya I could, I told ya I could ( or at least I think I can ), Yep, I’m totally rocking this walking thing…”. He’s still in that slow just-learning-to-go-it-alone stage, but that’s totally OK with me. I’m just glad to see him walking independently since we were so worried about it earlier.

3. Also, along with Kip learning to walk, we have a new adventure…. Christmas Decorations. I do believe we have said more “No!” and “Not that!” to him that we ever have…. and he just looks at us with his big blue (or green – depending on what he’s wearing) eyes with a look like, “What? Why can’t I play with it?”. In the first weekend, we have had to repair 3 ornaments, and this past weekend went by unscathed, so I think we’re doing pretty good!

4. I am on week 3 of my Lexapro and I can say that I can honestly tell a difference now. I’m more relaxed and not as anxious about everything. I’m able to let things go. I also haven’t had another panic attack, so that’s a great thing. I feel more at ease than I have in years.

Well, that’s it for this week’s WNM. I hope you all have a great week.


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What’s New Monday No. 2

 Today is edition number two of my new What’s New Monday. What’s new with me?

For starters… Kip is taking steps two-by-two… and on one occasion, he was daring and took three! He still crawls around mostly because it’s his fastest mode of transportation at the moment, but you can see he’s trying to get comfortable with the idea of walking. He’s such a cautious child! And the weather is so awesome right now for the most part, and he’s more apt to try standing and walking while we’re outside, so I’m sure we’ll be spending lots of time out there.

Erik and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary this past Saturday. While it wasn’t the greatest of days and there’s so much I wish I could have changed, Erik made Sunday a special day by taking us to the beach to walk on the shore and then eat at our favorite restaurant. Kip loved seeing the water again… and in fact, tried to go towards it again like summer days. It was just the three of us. I know – anniversary dates are supposed to be for the parents… the mom and dad… but right now, Kip is still little and hasn’t hit the full-on toddler stage, so it’s not that big of a deal to bring him. In fact, I’d rather it be that way.

On the diabetes front – I’m still working on things. I’m still taking a lot of Ginger’s advice and working into my life (I’m a slow learner, it seems). I’ve not been dedicated to being gluten-free, and I pay the price for it.  I’ll learn one day, I guess. I’m hard-headded and some things take a while.

I received a surprise package Friday at lunch from Minimed:

It’s the new Bayer Contour Next Link meter that works with the pump the way that the other link meters have. I’ve been trying it out all weekend, and I’ll have to say, it’s pretty spiffy! I have some pros and cons of the system, but overall, it’s really nice. I would have loved to have had this one instead of the One-Touch meters. But, I have a whole separate post planned for this little baby.

And, just as I was writing this post, another unexpected present came:

Upon first review, I’m just not happy about it. It’s a hard plastic case with no bumper for shock-absorption if you were to drop it. I’m clumsy, and having that is a must for me. Also, it’s made my screen-protector peel up on the side and top. Also, I’m not sure how much I’ll be using it since I don’t use the iBG-Star that much anymore (another post on that later). I may do a give-a-way later. We’ll see.

I’ve also been making a huge decision. One that I’m sure I have irritated my best friend and my husband about for the past few weeks. With my friend being a diabetic and my husband being a techy geek man, I’ve been throwing both of them for loops about the differences between Minimed’s Revel and Animas’ Ping system, and their upcoming (pending FDA approval) pumps – the Veo and Vibe, respectively.  One day I’ll be completely one way, the next, I’ll the the other. Some days I’m leaning the fence both ways. It’s like trying to decide between an Apple product and an Android product.

Anyway, more on those topics later. That’s just what’s new this Monday for me. What about you?


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What’s New Monday No.1

So… I have an inner dork alongside of my inner geek. Today, I’m going completely giddy over having to purchase index cards for flash-cards for my Medical Terminology course. I just cannot explain just how excited I am. I don’t even know why… But I am.

Also, I’m back to using my Verio IQ. I turned off the pattern alerts and tagging ability and I actually like it more without all of that turned on. Just prick, test, go. I use my Dexcom graph to analyze my data more than my meter reports anyway, so I just don’t have a need to tag them.

So, that’s what’s new. What’s new with you? 🙂

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