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Egg “Pizza”s

I have come to love my new favorite lunches. Now, they are not what some find as real pizza crust, but rather just a flat base in which to build other ingredients, some sort of thick smearable food like hummus or avocado, and veggies alone or with leftover meats.

I, for one, have never really liked avocado. I’ve always thought a food that I couldn’t  stand as-is without the use of adding things to it wasn’t something I needed to have. But I was wrong. Last night, I had cooked a pork roast for me and the kidlet and knew we would have plenty of left overs for the rest of the week for lunches and possibly dinner again. We also had one avocado left and left over broiled bell peppers (my absolute favorite!). So, I thought, since I’m experimenting with flavors, this couldn’t be all that bad.

So, I made my base… the egg. This is just simply an un-rolled egg omelet, really. One jumbo egg, scrambled with about a tablespoon of coconut milk so that it makes it uniform and fluffy, poured into a skillet sprayed with Pam for Grilling (this one is best for omelets in my opinion because NOTHING sticks at all). Once it’s almost cooked through, flip it and take the pan off of the heat. The residual heat will cook the rest of the egg.

Once you have your base cooked, you can add whatever you’d like. The egg is already 2 weight watchers points, by the way, so load up or not… it’s your preference.

photo 1

I chose to take the remaining avocado, cut it in half, press it to mush, add a bit of Mrs. Dash and a splash of salt, then spread it on top of the egg base to be my “sauce”. Then, I mixed the left over bell peppers and 2 oz of chopped up pork roast, added it on top, and viola. A roasted bell-peper, pork roast, and avocado egg “pizza”… which was pretty darn good if you ask me. Granted, this was a lot (total of 10 WW points), but you can simply use only a 1/4 of an avocado and maybe 1 oz of pork. Either way, it’s goooood. 🙂

photo 2


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