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Moving Hosts

Please be patient with me as I move my content from one host to another. Hopefully everything will be back to working order shortly.



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This is why…

I debated on even sharing my Omnipod post. I had it marked for deletion, for pending review, for draft, for anything but publish for a long time. I knew that it would possibly upset some people, but I didn’t realize it would cause this upset. This is the exact reason why I didn’t want to say anything… why I wanted to keep hush-hush about my trialing the Omnipod system again. I wish now that I hadn’t. I hate that the existing customers are being put off. These people have been loyal to Insulet and they aren’t being treated fairly in my opinion. Yes, the company would be taking a loss by simply shipping out the new system with the new pods right away, but honestly, with these people being as loyal as they have been, shouldn’t that speak for something??

I absolutely hate that my post has helped fuel the fire against them. While they say they will remain loyal, I know it is irritating and downright infuriating to see others with the new system. It was that way for me when Dexcom had their upgrade. Brand new customers were getting their systems before those of us who had been on it for a while could get our systems.

To those of you that I have upset – Lorraine and Caleb, Laura and Nate, Penny and Grace, and countless others –  I am deeply sorry. I hope that your posts will reach Insulet and speak volumes to them. I hope that they will listen and send out the new systems.


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Iffy Territory, But I’m Going There.

jesus-cross-clip-art-9A friend posted the link to a crazy post about NC wanting to proclaim a certain religion. While I don’t agree with declaring a official state religion, I sort of understand why they are doing it (albeit it’s crazy). I think they think if they’re able to proclaim an official state religion, they feel they’ll be “protected” to be able to worship freely still.

If the constitution says we have the right to speak freely and that we have the freedom to believe whatever religion we would like, then why are the Christians being told to hush and being told that we are dumb and bigots for believing what we believe? Don’t we have a right just as much as the atheist or muslim or anyone else who does or doesn’t proclaim a religion? And besides, “Bigotry is the state of mind of a bigot: someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats other people with hatred, contempt, and intolerance on the basis of a person’s race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, language, socioeconomic status, or other status.”(wiki) They think all of us who proclaim to be Christians are this way- we aren’t. Some of us are taught the right way to treat others, even if their lifestyle or actions are not in line with what we are taught from the Bible. And if we are bigots because only because we are Christians, then others are bigots because they have prejudices against us and treat us with hatred because of our religion. They seem to forget that “religion” is in that list too.

I understand that everyone has their own views. Different people are raised different ways. We are all supposed to respect each other and know that we are all different. If I am taught the ways of the Bible, and you aren’t, I’m not going to treat you differently because of that. If you are someone of a different race, religion, status, or anything else, so be it! Christ commanded us to treat others with love and respect – to love others just as Christ loved the church. It’s not my place to say whether you are living right or not because I’m not the Almighty and you can point the finger at my sins just as much as I could yours and in the end, neither one of us is better than the other. And I’m sorry that some other people and organizations can’t see that.

Just my peace. This will be my last post where I speak my mind on this subject. Tomorrow or maybe later today, I’ll go back to my regular scheduled programming of showing off my kid and speaking about my diabetes.


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Because She’s Amazing

This girl used to run around the house with me while our electric piano played a weird beat. She used to lay out in the back yard with the NASCAR race going on beside her on the radio. When we were little and lived in another state, we played on our walkie-talkie “cell phones” we got for Christmas and she went outside to eat the falling snow with me, and in the summer, we ran around playing with water guns outside. I embarrassed her with her first date over at our house.  She used to play her guitar in her room, and I would bring my keyboard and we would play songs together. We sang songs really loud in her “Silver Thunderbird”.  We had our fights and all, but we were sisters.  At the end of the day… she was there beside me. Most of the time on the couch or even just across the hall, but she was there. That’s what sisters did.

I got upset when THE boy came along and married her. The sister that I sometimes could not stand to be around yet shared so many good memories with was no longer living across the hall from me. I was devastated. I never wanted to tell her, but I felt like she was no longer going to be there.. that she had gone away. But life moved on. Soon, she brought a beautiful baby girl into the world, and I became an aunt for the very first time. I got to see my sister in a different light. Not a girl like me, but as a wife and mom… all grown up. And still, she was there.. beside me… unknowingly teaching me “the ropes” of what it is like parenting a new baby.

Then, years passed, and I met THE boy. And she was there for me with everything. She was my matron of honor – and oh what an honor it was to have her stand beside me as I went from being a daughter, sister, and aunt – to adding the title of “wife”. She was there… beside me.

While I was pregnant.. through finding out I was pregnant through a text message with a picture of the positive test and calling me with a simple “SHUT UP!” as her greeting to going with us to find out if it was going to be a boy or a girl… and later going to see him there inside of me through 3D imaging and getting to see his chubby cheeks and watch him do the undeniable trade-mark of his father – the nose-rub – she was there… watching beside us. And even while I was in labor, after the delivery, she was there. Anything and everything I ever needed, she was there.. right beside me.

Then through the most awfullest period of my life… of our lives…. going through a sudden divorce of our parents that was not nice at all… she was there. She became the closest person to me. While she was doing her best to deal, she was helping me and my brother deal. She was there for us the whole time…

My sister is the best sister I could have ever been given. I couldn’t understand it back then. We were too busy being fussy kids and she was busy trying to help mom take care of me. I couldn’t see that her constant nagging and being all up in my business – diabetes or otherwise – was her way of trying to care and protect me. I wish I could go back and share with myself all of the wonderful things she has done for me throughout my life. And tell myself that no matter how angry or tiffed I thought I was, to let it go because she is the greatest sister anyone could ever ask for.

She’s always been there… I just hope and pray I can be that same sister back to her. Because she deserves it. And she’s amazing.


My brother, me, and my sister. 🙂

Happy birthday, Steph. 🙂 I love you.

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2011-06-30 21.54.22A while back, I was contacted about doing a product review on the new Ringpops… the sugar-free version. While it’s exciting to see companies trying to make an effort to make more choices for us diabetics, I am also skeptical when it comes to reviewing such products since they can have varied effects on different people.  My main concern with the products that claim to be sugar free often have just as many carbs as the regular versions of the candies/food, thus still having the same effect on blood sugars.

When I received the package, my blood sugars were out of control with the rising hormones due to the pregnancy, so I wanted to wait until they were stable enough to really do a test on the pops to find out about this “sugar-free” yet not carb-free treat. This week, I was able to do just that.

2011-06-30 21.54.51The package came with three flavors – blue raspberry, watermelon, and strawberry. While the taste of the two that I tried was good, it does still taste like a sugar-free candy.. what I mean by that is it has that after-taste to it that you don’t get with regular versions. It is a very hard candy, so it would be good for kids since you practically cannot bite down on this sucker (pun intended!).

Granted, the pop does have 13g carb, but to be honest, with the time it takes to eat the thing, I didn’t see any spikes in blood sugar. If it had been any other food or candy that were 13g carb and sugar free and able to be eaten within minutes, I probably would have. But it took me well over an hour to eat the strawberry one last night and I’m currently working on the watermelon one.

So, with that, I’ll leave you with pictures of the watermelon package to see the ingredients and nutritional facts. I do like the pops, though I’m sure it’s a sight to see being 8 1/2 months pregnant and looking like I’M the one sucking on a pacifier, so I’ll probably leave these to the kids to enjoy. If you’ve tried these and liked them or actually seen blood glucose differences from eating them, please leave a comment.


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For Sale

Ping remote skinPing skinI have the red meter remote skin and the green Ping skin.

I have decided that since I haven’t used the skins I bought for my pump when I first got them, I’d let them go. But instead of throwing them out (and at $20 brand new, I can’t bear to throw them out!!!), I thought I’d give someone else the chance to have them for half-price. So, I’m selling them. I promise, these skins aren’t hurt at all. I mostly just didn’t like the colors after I got them, so I never really used them. If you’d like to have them, I’m selling them for $10 each.

If you’re interested, please contact me and I’ll send you an invoice over Paypal for them (or it, depending on if you want both or just one).



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Today was the big day where we would see the little bean for the first time. I was up early, not from nerves or excitement, but from actually being hungry for the first time in three weeks. But, since the morning sickness is still in full swing, I was only able to eat a bowl of grits and drink some milk. I tell ya, bland foods are your friends when you’re pregnant and have the blessed morning sickness.

We arrived, I signed in, and we waited. Mondays must be their OB appointment day because almost every woman that was there was going back to the diagnostics suite and coming back out with an ultrasound picture, and the ones that were far enough along to have it, were coming out with the DVD’s of the 3D ultrasounds.

Finally, almost an hour after arriving, we were called back. We discussed a few things and got ready for the ultrasound. Right away you could see it. The little bean. The little bean that now had a little drummer of a heartbeat -drumming away at 140 beats per minute. It was at that exact moment that everything seemed to focus in on that little bean – our baby. Holding Erik’s hand, I did my best but failed at containing my tears. I was speechless. Something that I thought I would never be able to hear and even blocked out the possibility of hearing due to the fear of diabetes complications was now filling not only the room, but my heart beyond capacity.

I could have left and been satisfied from there, but we still had to see the doctor. After going to the lab and being stuck again (btw, I REALLY like the lab tech who drew those 5 vials – she was so gentle I barely felt it. She was AWESOME!), we sat for another hour or so to wait on the doctor.

After all was said and done and the doctor did his thing, we met with him. He answered our questions, gave me a prescription for nausea meds and prenatal vitamins (hoping to cut down on the nausea symptoms – thinking the OTC ones were too strong), and sent me home with a jug for a 24hr urine collection (oh joy!) so that we can get a baseline for my kidney function.

I still haven’t heard back from my A1c and thyroid levels, so I’m hoping that will be by tomorrow. I’ll let you guys know as soon as I do.


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