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One year, two years,

Three years, four.

I was just a regular ole kid

When you came to my door.


I don’t remember asking you

to come over or come in.

But you came anyway,

And never left again.


We’ve had good times

And we’ve had bad.

Some times have been happy,

And a lot, sad.


I’ve had to get to know you

and learn how you work.

So I can take care of me

Just in case you go bizzerk.


But though we’re stuck together

with super-glue, you and me,

I’d like to say “good bye”

in this year,  number twenty-three.


Though I don’t think it will happen,

and together we’ll see twenty-four,

I can’t wait for the day to come

that I celebrate this dia-versary no more.


When the day will be replaced

by my “cured-versary”

The day when I can go back

to being just me.


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babyk nicuI plan to do a several-parter blog about the birth of BabyK, but today, I wanted to just let you guys in a short post know how things are going currently.

Words can never fully describe the feeling you get when you hear your baby cry for the first time. The whole nine months of worry, stress, and fear simply vanish for that few small seconds as your baby’s cry fills the room, and you look at your over at your husband and through tear-filled eyes say “He’s here!!” In that instant, your entire world changes.

That instant for us was this past Tuesday at 3:37pm. After going from a planned induction to a unplanned c-section, we waited as the doctor performed the delivery of our son and held him up for us to see. He was beautiful. He was cleaned up and wrapped up for us to see, hold for a few seconds, and kiss, then he was taken to the nursery to be evaluated while I was finished up and taken to holding/recovery.

This is where things get a little long and need a few posts to tell the full story, so I’ll save those for later in the week. But for now, after a week in the hospital, we are finally home and are doing fine. I rest while he sleeps, and hold, kiss and snuggle him when he’s awake. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. If asked would I do it again knowing how hard it was, my answer in a skinny second would be “absolutely”. He is so worth every second of the pregnancy. We are truly, 100000% blessed beyond what I could ever dream.


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3 to 6…

25 to 46…

Counting the weeks and days left until mine and my husband’s lives will be changed forever.

Sure, our lives have been completely changed since the day we first knew, but it will be real… it will be amazing and scary all at once.

I can’t help but sit an contemplate how things will go. Fast? Slow? Will there be complications? Will everything go smoothly? Will I still be awake or will something happen that will cause me to have to be put under and an emergency route taken and miss the most miraculous thing of my life?

Happiness, joy, awe, wonder all along side of fear and worry in my mind as to how those moments will pass and lead into our new roles as parents.

New parents.

New challenges.

New lives.

New love.

All beyond anything that we could think or dream of thinking right now.


(BabyK will be “full-term” on July 16th. We are praying I don’t deliver sooner, hence the 3 week/25 day minimum time above.)

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Going Co-Ed

I have often wondered why it is that women have to be the ones putting on and going to showers, whether they be engagement, bridal, or baby showers. After all, we aren’t the only ones involved in the process of why we are having the shower in the first place. 

But this weekend, my inlaws did things a little differently. We went co-ed, if you will, and it was a blast. Granted, some games we had thought about doing (like the bottle game… where you see who, girls or boys, can suck down the bottle the fastest. Yeah, we’re classy, I tell ya!) we didn’t get to because of time. We did get to play baby bingo, which was pretty fun. One of Erik’s friends made the best comment when looking on her card after “Pink Heart” was called out – “Aww, I don’t have a heart!”. We all cracked up. We had fun.

Of course, the best thing about going co-ed is the person you’re giving the shower to doesn’t have to be the only center of attention. That was one of my biggest dislikes was sitting in front of a whole crowd of people… all eyes on you and only you… looking at what you are opening… watching for your reaction. So, going co-ed, you have both people up there being watched and it’s not quite as uncomfortable. (Or maybe I’m just weird, I don’t know.)The best thing about doing it that way too when it’s a baby shower? Not only do you as the mom-to-be get to fashionably sport the baby clothes, but the dad can too… BabyK Shower HHFWB-74BabyK Shower HHFWB-75BabyK Shower HHFWB-38

(Erik, sporting the John Deere hat and beach hat for next summer!)


Then you also get to have extra hands for opening out the really cute, crafty, awesome gifts too! This one, made by another on of Erik’s friends, was sort of like the hanky-trick that clowns do, only much cuter. You pull the top outfit up, and a whole line of clothes clipped with baby clothes-line pins, comes out. AND, they were on there in order of the size from NB (newborn) to the 6 month outfits! It was SO neat!!!!!…

BabyK Shower HHFWB-58

BabyK Shower HHFWB-59BabyK Shower HHFWB-61BabyK Shower HHFWB-64

I have to say, going co-ed was the way to go with this shower. I had a great time, heat and swollen feet and all (hence the "no-shoes” look in the picture). It was so much more fun having “the boys” there. Maybe there can be a trend started? I certainly wouldn’t have any objection to it.

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Maternity Shoot

So, if counting by calendar months, I’m now officially 7 months pregnant. If by counting by the 4-week-being-a-month rule, I’m 7 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days pregnant. Isn’t it amazing how there’s a difference? I think they should redo the calendar and have 13 months in 4 week intervals, with one month only having 3 weeks. What do you think? Because then it would make sense that pregnancy is 10 months long not 9 by saying you go 40 weeks and not 36 weeks. Okay, so maybe I think too much sometimes.

Even though I’ll be having my cousin do my “official” maternity photos in mid-June, I went ahead and did  a few this weekend. Truth be told, I wanted to play around with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and get some 7 month pictures done to play with. That way, if I didn’t like them, I could just delete them and not worry about upsetting a potential client. Practice makes perfect, right?

I ended up getting 4 shots out of the whole 30-40 minutes of shooting-readjusting—set 10sec timer-run back into place and pose fast-reshooting mess. (It’s hard doing self-portraits!) Here’s three of those 4 in a collage:


The middle one is my favorite. It was a last minute “Oooo! Let me try this place!” shot which took the longest because of where it was at made it hard for me to get re-posed during my timer-window. There were lots of them were I looked very uncomfortably posed just because I hadn’t gotten into position yet. I will say one thing though. Being outside in 90° weather with tons of humidity at 3pm was not the best choice, but I guess that’s what I get for being pregnant in the dead of summer. And to think! The worst hasn’t gotten here yet! (OH boy!)

If you’d like to see the other picture and the first one of this collage done a little differently, click here to go to my FB page for my photography site. And if you look close enough at the big version of the third picture in the collage, you can see my pump in my pocket with my tubing running up the side of my baby-bump!

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The Weekend

Yesterday I posted on Diabetes Sisters a little bit of what we had going on this weekend, but not everything.

See, Erik had been out of town on a business trip all of last week – something I’m not used to – so when I went to pick him up Friday, I was excited and all emotional (yeeeaahh, had nothing to do with those pregnancy hormones! Winking smile) to get to see him. We spent the night relaxing, talking about his week, and getting ready for the big 4D ultrasound that we were going to be going for the next day.

Saturday we got up early and took the hour and a half drive to the imaging place for our appointment. We went in and sat in the dimly lit room, filled out some paperwork, and waited for the nurse to come in and to her thing. I got to sit in a big, comfy recliner finally and not lay on a big medical examining table, something I think all offices should have! It wasn’t but a few moments for her to get the CD and DVD stuff working and then we got started. And there he was. My little boy. Our little boy… sleeping just like me with his head in the crook of his elbow and the other hand under his chin. But we knew right away who he looked like. He is going to be a carbon-copy of his dad, which is fine with me. We watched as different times he would move around, and at one point he even had his foot up close to his chest, and another time he was sucking on his hand or thumb.


That night, while Erik was out with some colleagues, I went and got his mom’s Mother’s day present – a collage print of different still shots from the ultrasound and had his name printed at the bottom. See, we had decided on a name a few months ago, but Erik then told me he wasn’t fond of the middle name, so we had to change it. We hadn’t told anyone but his sister, so we thought it would be neat to announce it on Mothers day some how, and we did by printing his name on the photo collage. I also got stuff to start a scrap book, and started putting that together to occupy my time til he got home.

Then, Sunday came. Mother’s Day. My “first” Mother’s day. Some don’t celebrate it yet because you’re only pregnant, but to be honest, with as much work goes into a pregnancy, you’re a mother long before you hold that little one in your arms. You become the protector and support giver of that child the moment you find out you’re carrying them. So, yes, I think it’s perfectly okay to celebrate Mother’s day even if you’re just pregnant.

After I had taken my shower and was getting ready for church, I walked into the kitchen to find Erik had laid out my first Mother’s day present… season 6 of NCIS (LOVE that show!) and a very nice HP digital photo frame. I went and put all the pictures we had on our CD from the ultrasound on the card and plugged it in. Just beautiful. It now sits in my den with those pictures plus a few others of family.

Then we went to church. My pastor’s wife made her awesome chocolate covered strawberries for the women in my Sunday School class and we devoured them. Then we had our service… which usually has a break in between Sunday School and service for singing and announcements. After everyone did their announcements of different things (graduations, events in the church, birthdays, anniversaries, etc), Erik, being the announcer and AV (audio/video) control man, pushed a button for the projector to come on and said “And now for my announcement… as you all know, Sarah is pregnant, and yesterday we got to see what the baby looks like….” and by that time, the one of the pictures came up on the screen. “And there he is… that’s our son”… just like a proud dad would, smiling from ear to ear. And I cried. Broke down like a baby…. “our son”.

Later on, my sister came over to my house to bring me a surprise present she had gotten me as well. Inside was a frame that said “sneak peek” and you put the ultrasound picture in it. She also had this card…

my first md card

And I cried again. I cry every time I read it. And yeah, I know it’s not really from him… but those words are such an encouragement to me. They mean the world to me right now. And that’s why this card is going in the scrapbook with all my other stuff we have (ultrasounds, DVDs, etc).

So yeah, I’ve been an emotional basket case over the weekend… but it has been the best weekend… the best first Mother’s Day weekend I could have ever asked for. And to think I was going to pass all of this up because I didn’t want to risk it with being, well, you know… D. I was going to let D take this from me because I was scared. I now cannot imagine not having this experience. So a big “thank you” goes out to my wonderful husband and sister for not only making my first Mother’s day special, but for believing in me enough to encourage me to reconsider my decision about pregnancy even though knowing the big risks involved. I wouldn’t trade this for the world.

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Dresses. TuesMe-1

Dresses have never really been my “thing” (except for when I was a little girl). Even though growing up in a church where women wore dresses and men wore suits was the “requirement” (if you will), I never really liked to wear them. The reason being is because most of them are cut for women who are confident about their legs and have nice, proportioned curves. Even if you were a little chunky in the waist, it was ok, because you could get a style to fit and hide it. But for me, my body shape never really worked well with the one-piece off-the-hanger dresses. It was always hard to find something that didn’t cling to my butt yet fit my waist and didn’t show my legs (or at least much of them anyway – always trying to the chunkiness and scars on my ankles). I’m what I call “bottom-heavy” or more commonly called “pear” shaped, so when I gain weight, it’s always hips-down.

That is until now. Most women I hear complain about getting bigger with basketball bellies during pregnancy. Even my sister-in-law dubbed the Motherhood Maternity store “She’s A Whale”, which we still laugh about to this day. But for me? I’m actually liking it because dresses that I would never have picked up before because they didn’t fit right, fit me now… at 6 months pregnant. I even went shopping with my dad and bought three dresses last night that are knee length (gasp!) and will stretch with my belly through these last few months. And I have to say, I’m loving them. I have never loved wearing a dress, let alone a short dress, this much. I pretty much figured out that if I stay with the styles that are similar to maternity ones (fit well through the chest area, somewhat belted line of some sort under the “girls”, then flows out), then I can pretty much wear it. I honestly don’t think I have ever left any store with three dresses in my life… mostly I’m doing good to find one that fits. So I’m pretty excited about my “finds”… and to get them on sale at Ross? What girl couldn’t absolutely LOVE that?!?

And while I’m still uncomfortable about showing my legs, with the heat and humidity that’s coming already, I’m willing try to let go of my insecurities and hold my head high in exchange for cooler clothes.


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