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Friday Find (and giveaway!) : Diabetic Dabs




If you’ve ever tested your blood sugar, you know what those words are describing. I’ve always been a licker. I never carried extra tissues to wipe my finger on, heck, I rarely clean my finger with more than just rubbing it on my pant leg (which I still do that). That is until I got these little things in the mail:
IMG_2601Earlier this month, Liz Sacco, founder of Diabetic Dabs, emailed and asked me if I would like to try a box of the Diabetic Dabs and host a giveaway for one box. Of course, I was excited because I had already read a post about these from Jacquie  and loved her analogy of saying they’re “like little square maxi pads for your fingers”.. and honestly, she’s right.
To me, they’re like those alcohol wipes, just minus the alcohol. They are amazingly super absorbent too. The pack is sticky on one side so that you can stick it in whatever meter case you’re using. The only problem is the sticky is a bit too sticky in that when I switched meter cases, I wanted to see how easy it would be to remove and place in the new case… but it wasn’t. It would be nice if there were some sort of pull-tab on the bottom like the 3M Command strips.
Don’t let the picture fool you though. These little buggers are a bit bigger than an alcohol pad though. One thing I usually do is if I have used a tissue, I crumple it up and throw it away. These are sort of big, and not very easily crumpled, so they to take up some space in your meter case waste area. BUT, that being said, even though they were intended to be used as a one-time-use thing, I typically use one per day, just dabbing my finger on an un-used space.
I have to admit – when I first got these, I wondered if it would be something I would continue to want to use after reviewing them. The size was the biggest thing to me because it seemed to be a lot of waste for such a small drop. BUT. I have to be completely honest here and say that they are very nice to have. When I switched meter cases, the one thing I didn’t transfer over were the Diabetic Dabs, mostly due to the adhesive part. After just a day, I was missing that little square piece of paper being in there because I had transitioned from being a “licker” to a “wiper”. And actually, the thought of licking anymore had become gross to me, where it never really was before. I have still done it just out of sheer habit in the middle of the night, but it’s certainly something I don’t do out in the open anymore. Using the dabs allows me to be more discreet too if needed, verses someone watching me test then smear a line of blood on my tongue and swallowing (yeah, sounds really gross when you think about it, doesn’t it?).
So now I want to know your opinion. I have a box to use as a giveaway, so following traditional rules, I’m going to ask you to leave a comment below, and next week, I’ll pick the winner using a random number generator. I’ll email the commenter with the news and ask for your mailing address. Simple as that. Easy-peasy. Then, just let me know how you like them after you’ve tried them (not a requirement, but just out of curiosity).


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Leveling Up

Several weeks ago, Ethan Lewis, the founder of Level Foods and inventor of Level Life glucose gel emailed me to see if I would like some samples of his product to try. Unfortunately, somehow his email was sent to spam and I just recently got it! Good thing I went snooping for another email!

So, first, a little about Ethan. According to his bio, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 12. Lows were scary for him. But treating them with other things like soda and candy would be even more frustrating because of the swing they cause. His mission? To create a way to treat lows so that there were no bouncy after effect. Just a nice, quick way to raise blood sugar levels to they would come up and level off.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some pretty nasty glucose gel before. I’ve had some good ones too. I was sort of skeptical about this product because when it comes to treating sugars with glucose products, rarely are they tasty and good enough to want to keep treating with them…. and that’s key. I have made a pact with myself to treat only with glucose products and not other stuff since the first of the year, so being able to treat with a variety of options is key to keep from getting “glucose burnout” – – and not the meter kind.


First thing I did was bolus for one and taste it. After all, when you’re low, you don’t care quite as much about taste as you do when you’re at a good glucose level. These are pretty good. My favorite is the Strawberry-Banana. Vanilla and Orange are good too, but I just can’t take the Caramel one. I’ve never been a caramel fan, so I guess that’s no surprise.

Level flavors

The big test – do they work? Yes. I have to say, I have treated lows easily with these. All you have to do is rip off the top tab and just sort of push the gel into your mouth. No powder, no chalky tabs. Easy glucose that’s fast to take. And they work quite fast. Within 10-15 minutes, my sugar level was back up to normal with only one time having to re-treat.

Cost? Not bad actually. One pack has 3 squeeze packs and they’re like, $3.50 or so at Wal-Mart when I checked. And, if you really want to try them out, Ethan emailed me the link for a $2 coupon for you guys!!

But you know what’s really sweet? (HA! Sweet! Sweet? Get it?) I have a give-a-away. Your very own box with one of each flavor plus some coupons for more!

Level Give-A-Way

All you have to do is leave me a comment here that includes “Level Life”!!! I’ll do a random number picker to choose the winner on Thursday of next week and let you know March 1. So please share away on Twitter and Facebook!!! 🙂


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Friday Find – Pump Peelz!

One of the cool things that I like about the Minimed Revel is that you can customize the look of it. And, for a while, they were the only ones that you could do that to. Well, not anymore.

Scott Imblum is an awesome innovator. After his wife started on the OmniPod, he began to think of ways to personalize it. We can personalize cell phones, laptops, even our cars… why not our pumps? Especially since the pod is literally stuck to you. His original idea (which, from what I understand, they are still working on) was to create a snap-on type of case that can be customized and reused as many times you would like. Unfortunately, the cost to design and make them is high, and they needed to find a way to start creating funding towards them. So, he had an idea. What about a sticker?

And thus, Pump Peelz was born. I’m not going to lie. The first prototype they showed on their Facebook wall was of a ladybug and I completely went all girly “EEEEEK!!!! – WANT!” in that very instant. (That was in August when I was on the Omnipod system. ) After contacting Scott to see if he would let me try one out for a FridayFind post, he agreed and I recieved them mid-September. I’ve had a lot going on with school and welcoming a new baby into the family (NOT me, my sister-in-law!) that I’ve sort of let time slide by, and for that, I apologize.

So, for the sake of trial, I went bionic for a while. Not only was I reconnected to my Revel pump and CGM, as well as the Dexcom CGM (some trial testing of those going on again), I also had a pod that had failed during prime stuck to me as well:

 The installation of the Pump Peelz was easy. I just lined up the cut out for the pod window and then stuck the sticker down the middle of the top of the pod. Then, carefully, I smoothed down the edges. I’ll have to say, this thing is pretty awesome. It takes a couple of tries the first time to get it lined up just right, but the re-application was a breeze. (Yes! Thy’re reusable too!)

These pics are after the 3rd day of wear and complete removal and reapplication.  Not only did it hold up beautifully, but it the sticker didn’t peel up or get icky after the re-application. It has survived yet another reapplication since as well. It’s been submerged in water too (you know, for people who swim or take long baths…. that sort of thing). I have to admit. I wanted to really put it through the ringer, and it has held up! My concern when I saw that he was creating a sticker and when I saw the price was, was it worth spending $6 on a sticker for a pod that may only stay on 2-3 days? Is it reusable? How many times? I’m not sure how many more reapplications it can use, but I’m stopping at three just because of time-constraints in that I really needed to get this post up. But honestly, I think it could last a month easily if you take the time to carefully apply and reapply it – maybe longer.

Scott actually sent me three skins. I was hoping to stay on the OmniPod system, but due to absorption issues, I can’t, so I have two extra. I have the Zebra print and the Flower print. So, I’m going to do my first ever “game” from my blog. Share my post and leave a comment that you have shared it. Next Friday, I will put the numbers of the comments into a random number picker and the number that comes up will get the Pump Peelz.

Oh, and if you go to their site, you can see all of the cool Fall and Halloween ones! How COOL is that?

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FridayFind : GlucoLift!

A few weeks ago, I contacted Chris Angell, the founder of GlucoLift, for a sample of his glucose tablets in exchange for a Friday Find post. I had heard a LOT of good things about his glucose tabs, and I wanted to see what the difference was. After all, they’re just glucose tabs, right?

After tasting all of the available flavors ( he sent them in awesome little sample packs!), I have to attest to the fact that these are NOT the same. These tabs are GREAT! He sent me a bottle of the Wildberry flavor so that I could taste-test them out for semi-lows (like 70’s-ish) and some for LOW-lows…. where I needed to really try the “Lift”ing power.

As far as the response to lows, they are good glucose tablets. I honestly could not tell much of a difference between these and the standard store-brand glucose tabs. BUT! the flavors! They make wanting to treat a low blood sugar properly (like, with glucose and not a bazillion carbs from candy bars, etc…). The Wildberry ones are my favorite. Second would be the Orange Cream, then the Cherry.

Interesting story though… I waited until the last taste-test to try the Orange Cream. I just couldn’t do it. My mind was so ingrained with the utter repulsion to orange flavored tablets that I almost didn’t try it at all. I actually had a pep-talk with myself to try it. So… after a few minutes of trying to make my brain think of something else orange-y and not see this as a glucose tablet, I tried it. I chewed and chewed and chewed… getting the most out of this one little tablet I could for the flavor test… and you know what??? It was gooood! Almost like orange-sherbet good without the coldness. I could eat these any day of the week.

So what makes these special? Well, Chris knew how yucky store-brand glucose tabs can be and wanted to find a way to make great tasting, all natural glucose tablet. No artificiality here. They are non-GMO, so nothing genetically modified, and they’re also gluten free. The Wildberry and Cherry ones are dairy-free as well, but the Orange Cream does have dairy because of the “cream” part.

Personally, I am so happy that Chris created these. They are great tasting and do the job. I no longer cringe at the thought of treating with glucose tablets. I keep these with me, as well as my QuickSticks. (Trust me, I love my QuickSticks too, but they’re kinda weird to take when you’re in church and the pastor is looking at you. At least you can sorta sneak the GlucoLift tabs!!)

You can buy these straight from the website, or you can order them from Amazon. I ordered the sample pack with the 2 travel tubes from Amazon because I just ran out of my tabs this week. If you order them in the sample pack, they’re about $1 cheaper per bottle than just one, so it helps bring the price closer to that of the drug-store yucky brands. And, if you have Amazon Prime, 2-day shipping is free! But trust me, the taste difference is well-worth the extra money for these. If I could, I’d ask for a basket filled with these for Christmas!

To find out more about these, you can visit the GlucoLift site, browse around, and visit the FAQ page, or just click on over to Facebook or Twitter.

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FridayFind: Quick Sticks

Okay, so it’s 3am, you’re sweaty, disoriented, and limp as a wash-rag. You’re low. So, you grab the bottle of nasty chalky tablets and a bottle of water that sits beside your bed and hope that you don’t choke on the tablets. You muster up the energy to chew the nasty little things and follow them down with a gulp of water.

Doesn’t sound too good, right?

What if I told you about a handy little glucose stick that’s sort of like those awesome pixi-stix from your childhood?

That’s right. Quick Sticks. They. Are. Awesome.

I received a package a week or so ago that had two Quick Sticks inside – one in each flavor (watermelon and sour apple). My first thoughts were that the packaging is all cute, but what about this claim that they are “water-free”, meaning you don’t have to mix them into water and you shouldn’t need to drink water with them and you can just pour the powdery substance in to your mouth and go. I worried about this… a lot. I mean, with the old pixi-stix, I would choke on each one I ever tried to eat because they were powdery and dusty. So I waited on a low to be able to test them out. Wednesday, with water in-hand (well, close enough…) and a rapidly falling blood sugar, I ripped open the Sour Apple flavored Quick Sticks package and went for it. Amazingly, I didn’t need the water. I don’t know how they did it, but this powdered glucose actually seems to melt – sort of like snowflakes, but not as cold, in your mouth. I was sold on the water-less aspect of it.

My next concern was that they only contain 10g of glucose each. Most fast-acting pre-packaged low treatments come in 15g containers (to adhere to the 15/15 rule maybe?). I was worried that it wouldn’t be enough and I wouldn’t come up quick enough. To my surprise, my glucose levels started to level off within about 5-10 minutes. “Just a coincidence”, I thought. Early yesterday morning, though, I got my chance to try it again. Around 4am, I woke up to the sound of my CGM alarming. I didn’t want to get up, but I knew I had to do something. I ran through a mental list of options – juice, cookies, soda, etc – that I could treat with, and then I remembered…. I had the other Quick Sticks package in my meter wallet. So, I grabbed it, ate it, and waited. Within no time, my sugar was on it’s way up from the 40-something to above 70 and on the rise. I woke up with a reading of 174 the next morning.

I’m sold. These things are awesome!!! (I said that already, didn’t I?) I have ordered two boxes  – one of each flavor. They are very portable, super tasty and easy to eat when low.

Want to know more about them for yourself? You can visit, follow them on Twitter and Facebook, or watch them on YouTube. There are a few places they are available now, but I received an email yesterday that said they will be in Wal-Mart and Walgreens locations nationwide this fall!

Don’t want to wait until they are available in your area? Well, the awesome folks at Quick Sticks have allowed me to give you a promo code ( SUGABETIC ) for 30% off that’s good for the first 50 orders that use it. Also, make sure you use ALL CAPS. And, if you’re one of the first 20, you will get an extra goodie from them as well. How awesome!?!?

{Disclosure: Quick Sticks did not ask me to write a post in exchange for their product. I did so completely on my own. My views and opinions expressed here are my 100% my own, and not influenced by the Quick Sticks company. If you have any questions, you can always contact me.}


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FridayFind: Justin’s Nut Butter

Around last year, I kept seeing different tweets and facebook references to this stuff called “Nutella”, a chocolate hazelnut spread. Not too long after that, I saw some commercials for this “Nutella” stuff that my fellow DOC people were talking about. So, I broke down and bought some. “Pure heaven in a jar”, I thought…. until I noticed that every time I ate and bolused for it, I would climb through the roof. It wasn’t until later that I actually looked at the ingredients:


Three things that send my bg through the roof. First off, the very first ingredient is sugar. Really? How can this be a “healthy” addition to a morning breakfast when the first ingredient is sugar (and ingredients are listed in order of the amount used in the formulation to make a product)?? It also includes two milk products: skim milk and reduced minerals whey (derived from milk). Milk products and me do not mix diabetically speaking. If it has a milk product, I can hardly ever bolus for it and it come out a winning combination.

So, I broke up with Nutella. After a search on the internet, I found Justin’s Nut Butter. They make all sorts of different varieties (which, thanks to the marketing team sending me sample packs of all the flavors, I have tried them all), one namely being the Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Blend.

Justin’s Nut Butter Natural Chocolate Hazelnut Blend

Here’s a quote from their site:

Here’s the ingredients:


Ingredients: Dry Roasted Hazelnuts, Dry Roasted Almonds, Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Palm Fruit Oil, Natural Vanilla, Sea Salt.

So, yes, while sugar is still on the list, it’s the third ingredient, with hazelnuts and almonds being the first two, meaning there are more nuts in this spread than sugar. There’s also no milk products (it’s a dairy and gluten free product, as well as vegan!), so it doesn’t raise my blood sugar as harshly.  In fact, instead of having a super spike that results in me floating well above the 200’s for a while, I usually end up with a mild spike that returns to normal within my usual post-meal time-frame.

Now, if you’re used to Nutella, there is one thing I will tell you. Nutella, other than being VERY sweet, is also very very smooth. Justin’s nut butters are “natural” in every sense of the word. They are slightly grainy and not as sweet, but in being that way, you can actually taste more of the nut and the other ingredients rather than just chocolate sugaryness.

I have completely made the switch over to Justin’s for my chocolatey-nutty spread needs (well, wants). I have three jars of this stuff (which I paid for) sitting in my cabinet at home.

You can get whatever variety you want directly from them by going to their website or, if you are an Amazon shopper, you can find it there too. There’s a few on there with Subscribe & Save, but sadly this was not one of them when I checked yesterday. You can also get different sizes – jars, packets, or 80 calorie packets.

I know that in regards to foods, insulin action and all that jazz, Your Diabetes May Vary. You may be able to eat Nutella without an issue. You may also try this and find no difference whatsoever in your glucose reaction between this and Nutella. But if you do give it a chance and do your own experiment, I would like to know just for curious information purposes.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, one serving is 5 weight watcher’s points. My favorite ways to use this with other foods? Either in a strawberry-banana smoothie or just on top of strawberries. Yum!

(Justin’s Nut Butter’s marketing team did sent me a packet of all flavors for free to try in exchange for a post to tell you about their product. All information given outside of quotes mentioned above are my full and honest opinion. If you have any comments or questions about this, feel free to email me. Thanks!)

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(Another) FridayFind – YCDT Project Turns 1

This (second) FridayFind is a cool one. You know why?

  1. It’s free
  2. Great support
  3. Awesome leaders
  4. Did I mention it’s free??

You may have heard of it….

It’s not really a product though (unless you buy the T-shirt).

It’s the You Can Do This Project, created by Kim Vlasnik.

Why are you still here?? Go on over and check it out. You won’t regret it. And if you’re feeling kinda spunky, join in and share your thoughts and encouragement in your own video, and be sure to tell Kim that you’ve done it so she can add your video to the list.


To Kim and the whole YCDT crew:

You did it! You’ve created a social support phenomenon by taking a common, every day phrase and turning it into something that means so much to all of the DOC, and anyone else that may be looking for words of encouragement.

Thank you and congrats on your 1 year anniversary.


Suga-Rating for this FridayFind?


5 out of 5, of course!!! (with an extra one thrown in!)

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