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When I had the Omnipod system and was sure that it was (finally) the system for me, I stocked up on strips… like, big time. Now, for cost reasons, I can’t use the Omnipod system, and I have tons of strips left. After digging around, I found my old Freestyle Lite meter kit that still had the original 10 “trial” strips with it. There was just one problem.

The strips I have are simply “Freestyle”… not “Freestyle Lite”.

IMG_5755Now, I have never been one to use off-label strips in a meter as I’ve read some try to use generic strips for a certain meter that look like a brand name one and they just don’t work. So, I never tried to use the regular FS strips with the FS Lite meter thinking they wouldn’t work nor be interchangeable. Not like something would happen like the meter blow up or anything… just never thought to try it.

Then there became a buzz around the Facebook group for Omnipod users and a few discussions on TuDiabetes that all of the Freestyle strips were exactly the same, just packaged in different boxes. And, in other places, some people said they were in fact different due to the solution that is activated in the strips when you apply blood being different. I’m not a scientist, so I can’t speak for this myself.

So I decided to try it. I’ve been using the regular Freestyle strips (the ones that are coded “16”) in the non-codeable Freestyle Lite meter. After doing some side-by-side testing against my other meters, the readings seemed to average about mid-way of the OneTouch Ultra Mini and OneTouch Verio IQ meters I have. Plus, with the new chart that shows that Freestyle Lite meters are more accurate across the board than their competitors, I’m more willing to use this meter than the others. My tests that are back-to-back for CGM calibration are rarely ever more than 5-10mg/dL apart from each other and that, to me, helps me to think that maybe the Freestyle meter is more “stable” in reading correct glucose readings than other meters.

I don’t like that it takes a special cable unlike the Verio IQ’s mini-USB connection though. I know it’s small and everything, but I’m sure that even a micro USB connection would take up less internal space than a stereo plug. So, Abbott Diabetes Care, can you make the next Freestyle meter uploadable with cables that are 21st Century? And, I mean, come on, I buy hundreds of strips every three months, the least you can do is throw in a free cable and not charge another $35 for one.

For an update on how things are going with the replacement t:slim, click here.


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Wordless Wednesday 10 – DEIA 3

HighLow of Lost Control

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Just A Number? – DEIA 2


I received my call about my A1c this week. 7.5. I knew it had gone up, and actually guessed it to be 7.5. I know that is a decent number, but I still feel like I have failed. It went up a whole point.

The only problem is I have had less lows. I’m not ready to go back through constant lows just to have a better A1c. It seems that I would be more “at risk” with constant lows than not having a lot of them but having a higher A1c. It sickens me that our diabetes control is based on this one number. Like a credit score or something. It puts into our mind whether we have won or failed, when in reality we could be doing just the opposite.

Either way, I gotta get better control of myself.
For me.
For Erik.
For BabyK.
I can do this… I will do this.
Because its not an option…. Its a necessity.


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Vampire Meter – DEIA 1

Vampire Meter

Cuz that’s what it seems like sometimes.


DEIA n. (day-ee-ya) – Diabetes Expressed In Art
I am going to start a page to list my art. Granted, its not the best, but it’s my expressions. Just as I have blogged for 2 1/2 years here to express my thoughts and feelings, I am going to try my hand at art therapy. My DEIA. You should be able to find the page listed with the others later this week. Thanks!

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