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With diabetes, you gotta be silly sometimes.

Friday, being just a weird, off-day for me, (and to make a very long, extremely complicated story simple) and started off with me having to use my backup insulin pen at work. Since I don’t like the idea of wasting insulin, I figured it was time for a pump break anyways, and started on insulin pens.

Then I got this idea.

It’s Blue Friday, right? And Mike from Spain is collecting diabetes-related pictures for Diabetes 11.11.11? And my pen is blue (mostly)…

Which resulted in this:


Which I tweeted and facebooked.

Not too much longer, Dave (@SowerBee) tweeted me this back:

(Total AWEsomesauce, dude!)

Diabetes doesn’t always have to be so serious. You just have to know how to be fun with it.

Way to go, guys!


Happy WORLD DIABETES DAY everyone!

Have you done your Big Blue Test? If not, do it and input your results at: !


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I see blue people!

Well, not “blue people”, but a sea of people wearing blue! bluefriday

(BSuga and I – wearing Blue for the cause!)

It’s all over twitter, facebook, and flickr!


Today is Blue Friday.



It’s also the day for Project Diabetes 11.11.11.



And, today, I’m also proudly promoting Wendy from Candy Hearts Blog’s mission,


where proceeds from WDD circle merchandise will provide insulin and supplies to children in need around the world.poverty has a blue sky too


We have also signed the petition to make the World Diabetes Day Blue Circle the universal symbol for diabetes. (Will you sign too, pleeeasse???)

One disease. One world. One SYMBOL. Join the movement! Sign the petition!!

blue circle

What are you waiting for?

Go sign it…


WEAR BLUE today!


[And don’t forget about the #BigBlueTest – test your blood sugar, exercise for 14 minutes, and recheck your blood sugar. Post your results on WWW.BIGBLUETEST.ORG between now and the end of the day Monday, November 14th!!]

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BabyK Says To Wear Blue!


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