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Decisions, Decisions…

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The question has been asked:

What types of decisions and frequency of diabetes related decisions do you make in any given day?

dsc_6136Well, let’s talk about part A of that question… the types of decisions… for just a moment.

Decisions of Necessity:

1. Do I need this cupcake? (hehee) no… for real… Do I?

2.  Do I need to change my site/set today?

3. I need to check my sugar.. I’m not feeling right.

4. I need to check my supplies to see if it’s time to reorder.

5. I need to refill my diabetes travel kit.


Decisions of choice…

1. Do I *eh-hem* need  the chocolate cupcake or the vanilla? Or maybe a different flavor  all together?

2. Should I take a stroll in the park to lower my bg or just take the extra insulin?

3. Should I pack glucose tabs or fruit gummies for possible lows today?


Aaaannnd, on to part B.. the frequency of the decisions.

There’s really no bullet-point that I can do to this. It just needs explanation.

Some days, every single thing I do is in relation to a diabetes decision I have made. For example, if my day starts off with a high bg, I can pretty well tell you that my bg levels are going to be all over the place for that day, and I have to keep a close eye on what’s going on as to avoid going so high I can’t control it and possibly ending up in the ER with DKA (oh how we diabetics love our acronyms!). Or the days when nothing I do will bring up a low. I could exhaust all there is in the pantry and still fight a low thirty minutes past when I treated last. These are the days that pretty well every hour of the day, I can make upwards of 10 diabetes-related decisions. To bolus or not to bolus again. To eat a snack or put it off. To check my blood sugar again or bypass it this time. To check or not to check ketones. To change out my set/site to see if it’s the cause of the highs or wait another hour. There’s just so many possibilities!

Then there are days that the decisions are simple because diabetes is actually giving me a “freebie” day. A day where everything just seems to work and align with the stars and I score most blood sugars in the low 100’s. These are the days where the only decisions I have would be what and when to eat and how to bolus for said food.


I guess the main thing one would have to realize is that even though you don’t see it (hence the term “invisible illness”), a diabetic’s mind is programmed to make pretty much every decision a diabetes related decision. Why? Because the slightest thing we do and not think of how it could impact us would be the one thing that would throw us off the biggest. Don’t think eating one Starburst will hurt? Maybe, maybe not. But if you’re already on a climb up the sticky slope of sugar, you’ve just helped it along a bit. If I honestly rattled off verbally what my mind thinks throughout the day in relation to my diabetes, you would be so sick of hearing it. Then again, maybe that would help bring more awareness to diabetes.

But, then again, that might just get me a one-way ticket to a mental ward as well.


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