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Happy 24 Months


That’s right.

Twenty-Four Months.

Because it’s too soon to say that, as of 3:37pm today, I will have a 2 year old. (See that, I’m even putting it off til the minute.)

I’m not going to do a long, drawn out post, because, honestly, I’ll cry if I do. I’m just going to say that the past 2 years have been the ride of a lifetime with filled with joy, first-time-parent nerves, bumps, bruises, and love far beyond any words can ever describe. He almost the perfect blend of Erik and myself, and it is amazing to watch and see how he as grown and continues to do so (and quickly, might I add… he looks as if he grows an inch per month! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but you know….).

We’re working on words of colors and shapes and things, and he even knows my “pum” (insulin pump) but the most precious of all is when his face lights up and says “momma” or “daddy” when we walk in the room or come home from work.

He’s becoming his own little person, and I am so blessed to be able to see it every single day.

I love you, kidlet. So very, very much. .. that even “To The Moon and Back” doesn’t begin to describe.

Happy 24 months, my little one.




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He’s My Heart

My kid is becoming a half kid / half toddler in that he’s not a “kid” like a 4-10 year old, but he’s not a baby/toddler in that he’s becoming so much more independent than ever… and we’re 2 months away from his 2nd birthday. He’ll be 2 going on 20.

His personality is starting to show through so much, and I’m starting to see a little boy instead of a baby. He loves his music and dances to the beat. He’s picky about what he wants to eat and lets you know it too. He’s full-on melt-down mode when he doesn’t get his way. He can tell us “Poo-poo” before he has actually done anything, yet is scared to death of his kingly toddler “throne” when we place him there to try to do his business there instead of in his diaper.

He knows how to adamantly shout the word “NO” and shake his head to get his point across that he doesn’t want to do something or get something or eat something. He also knows the word “GO” very well and uses it to it’s full capacity when he wants to go outside. We have all sorts of words and even some phrases (“here you go” is becoming a common one lately) being added into his vocabulary now, but most of them are condensed down to a one syllable – sometimes two syllable – word… with the exception of his baby cousin’s name, which has 3, and is the first and only word of that length he’s been able to say… and it still amazes me. I mean, we can’t get out the full word for “cup”, but we can get out a 7-letter, 3 syllable word. I’m learning quickly, that not everything makes sense in the world of toddlerhood and development.


He loves to play in the floor with me… or, more recently, to kick me out of my recliner so he can play in it. We play and roll and tickle and laugh. But it’s in that moment when he pauses and takes his two hands so soft and sweet and places them on both sides of my face and looks in my eyes that all the world stops and my heart wants to burst with the amount of joy and love I have for him. Of course, then he squishes my cheeks and lips together into mush and continues to giggle, and that moment has passed. But I remember it and hold it close.

He’s growing so fast. I’m afraid to blink because if I do, he really will be turning 20 and he’ll be off in college (hopefully) being his own person. So, while he lets me, I’ll continue to squeeze him tight and kiss him a bazillion times and be the tickle monster so I can soak up his laughter.

He’s my heart, and I love him so very very much.


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His Curls – Wordless Wednesday

When he sweats… his hair curls into an adorable mess:


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TOT, The Second Year

Trick or Treating wasn’t a big thing when I was a kid. We lived in a VERY very rural area, and plus it was sort of “what’s the big deal, she can’t eat the candy anyways” kind of thing. (You know, back in the dark ages when kidlets with diabetes couldn’t have candy?)

Anyways, so now that we have Kip, I get to trick or treat along with him.Yesterday, we went to my hubby’s work where they do office trick-or-treating, and people who want kids to stop by can put out a bowl full of candy or whatever for them. It’s safer than going to tons of houses in the dark.

At first, he had the look of “Ummm, mom, dad…. why are you handing me this bowl? What do I do with that?” We showed him what to do, and from then on, he knew to grab a piece of candy and throw it in the bag. Probably 90% of what we got, he couldn’t eat anyway because of his milk allergy, but he got some suckers, so those are all his.

All in all, we had a great time. We trick-or-treated to some family and then came home to try to get him to sleep, but that didn’t happen for a while. WE fell asleep before he did, which was around 11pm. Needless to say, I’m tired, I have a headache, and I feel like crap… but it was so worth it for him!

Hi-ho! Kermit de Frog here!


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Baby, today, you’re 15 months old! Wow! I know I haven’t written a letter since your birthday, but I thought maybe I could just stick to the milestones now.

You’re trying to feed yourself. What gives, mom? I’ve BEEN doing that! Yes, but you haven’t been using utensils. As a matter of fact, you utterly refused to use them. Now? You’re spearing those chicken pieces like they’re nothing. We’re still working on a spoon with your oatmeal though. While you’re incredibly cute when you’re incredibly messy… cleaning up the entire dining room is sorta getting old. Your dad has been such a good sport in doing it while I give you your bath, but we really need to work on that. You’ll get it though, in your own time… just like everything else.

Like mobility. You waited months longer than most babies to crawl. We worried about it then, and now? You’re a speed-demon around the house. Oh and chasing you is SOOO much fun! You giggle and laugh while run-crawling and periodically stop to look behind to make sure I’m still coming after you. Little times like that fill my heart with so much love and joy, I think it could burst. But now, you’re getting adventurous… or we’re trying to push you to be. You’ve been content to crawl around, even stand up and walk along as long as you have something to hold on to. But walking independantly? Well, that’s been a no-go for a few months now…. until this past week:


This is the third time you’ve taken steps. And right after this, your dad came home, and you took THREE whole steps without wobbling or anything! You’re doing such a great job!

Other things are that you’re saying “mama” and “dada” more clearly, as well as trying to say a few other things. But don’t worry – you can certainly get your point across when needed.

You’re continuing to grow by leaps and bounds. And I am SO looking forward to what it’s going to be like to decorate the house for Christmas this year! I’m sure I’ll have redecorated the house a bazillion times before Santa arrives. Until then, we’ll just keep watching you grow and enjoy every second of it.

I love you, sugarbear. ❤

Love, Mommy

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There’s not much I want or have to say today as I’m making a lot of decisions and choices about my diabetes care and what devices I’m going to use to best control it in the upcoming years in relation to what I can afford (deeep breath), so… without bogging you down with the worries of my mind, I’ll leave you with 2 cute pictures for this Friday:

Pulling the pumpkin’s “hair”

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The Big ONE


The big one.

ONE year old.

That’s twelve months…. 52 weeks…. 365 days….. 8760 hours….

My sweet, adorable, loveable munchkin, you are ONE year old.

This past month, I have been remembering our steps up until this day exactly one year ago. From the agonizing swelling that made my feet look like marshmallows to all the way to the Friday before you were born when I was called in to the hospital for an emergency visit because my platelet count had dropped so dangerously low. All of those nights of not being able to sleep comfortably anywhere in the entire house come flooding back, along with the pain and fear of each contraction. The rush of the day before when we had the final visit to the OB’s office where they said they would admit me THAT night, and we had only three hours to get our stuff in order and be back at the hospital. The nerves that surrounded your dad and I to know that when we would return, we would have you in tow, separately… outside of me…

And, boy, have our worlds changed. You have grabbed us both by the heart strings and held on tight. Every move you make, every sound you utter, every smile that crosses your face grows our hearts to sizes we never knew possible. Every whine, whimper, cry, and pain you have felt has broken our growing hearts as well, but I know that it’s all a part of loving you and taking care of you and growing with you.

As for this month, you’re becoming more adventurous. You haven’t walked on your own, but you are a champ at pulling up and holding on tight to whatever you can walk along with for stability. We are finding a bazillion things every day it seems that we have to say “No! Not that! Don’t eat that! Don’t pull that!” And you get SO mad! Holy cow! I know you just want to play and have fun, but we just want to do what’s best and protect you. You hear “no” a lot now too since you’re learning that mommy has something attached to her with a cord. You want to play with the box and buttons, and pull on the cord, to which I have to pry it out of your hand and tell you “no”. You don’t understand what it is or why you can’t have it right now, so you get upset. I promise, honey, I’ll explain everything as best as I can until you know what my pump is and why I have to have it.

You’re also being weaned off of baby food and formula to Almond milk and table food. It’s taken me hours and hours to research this choice, but I believe that it’s the best for you. I’ve read too much about soy and it’s possible effects on the endocrine system, plus it’s already ingrained and infiltrated into too many products as it is now, so I don’t feel safe with you also drinking it.

Some good news on the dairy front is you seem to be starting to outgrow your dairy allergy, or at least be able to tolerate dairy a bit better. This past week was your Papa-T’s birthday, and out of curiosity, we let you have some cake without the icing. You absolutely loved it. We cautiously watched and waited for the vomit fest that we were sure would ensue within a few minutes… but it didn’t. You did break out in a patch of hives on your belly and chest area, but they went away very quickly after using your medicine on the area. Your dad and I were so happy! Our worries about your birthday cake and future parties eased a bit knowing that though you still had a reaction, it wasn’t a terrible one like you’ve had before. We’ve tried it again since then, and same thing – a few hives, but no vomiting. You’ve had uncooked diary as well, but that was a definite no-go, so it seems if you do have any dairy, it must be baked. And that’s progress! Your cake for your party will still be diary-free just because we don’t want to take any chance at all on your big day.

My baby, you’ll never know what a blessing you have been to me and your dad. We’ve been through SO much already together. We never knew what a challenge this would be when we brought you home, but that doesn’t change one ounce of the way we feel about your or the amount of love we have for you. God has blessed us with the most precious thing we could ever imagine.

You are my heart… my breath… my world.

I love you SO very much.

Always know that.




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