I am one of MANY people who choose to use the Medtronic pump system with the the Dexcom CGM system. Since my endo took me off of my t:slim, the biggest thing I have been irritated by is how I cannot get all of my information into one report. I was finally SO happy to have that ability with Diasend for the t:slim and the Dexcom, and now I don’t. I know Medtronic has their own CGM system and I do have the 530G that will work with the Enlite sensors, but I had a bad run of luck (about 3 months worth) with it when I used it last year and I am hesitant to go down that path again, especially right now.


Plus, now that Dexcom has Share built into the receiver, it has been SUCH a valuable tool for me and my family. I even contemplated using my old, out of warranty Animas Ping system so I could have all of my data in one place, but after one day of all of the irritating quick-scrolling and constantly missing my intended mark, I got irritated and used my Medtronic pump again. Not to mention, logging everything into the Medtronic through the Capture option so I could keep complete records was just irritating in itself (not that anyone else should have to do that, but I was just for my own sanity’s sake).

It really baffles me how Medtronic, being the big business that it is, and knowing that not everyone can wear their sensor, wouldn’t work with Dexcom to have a Dexcom version of their pump. Of course, I don’t know if maybe the feeling is mutual between companies and they just don’t want to be friends or what, but it would seem that if a company wanted to reach a HUGE customer base for their combination product, it would offer options that would fit almost everyone’s needs.

Anyway, that’s where I am right now. I have had a good experience over the past month and a half with my Medtronic pump and it’s made handling diabetes with pregnancy since switching a lot easier. I just wish I could have my reports all in one place, instead of two. It helps me make better decisions about my care. Sort of like what having access to Medtronic Pro reports would probably do too, but that’s another beef I have with them ( I mean, seriously?? Why can’t we have access to the more comprehensive stuff if our endo’s trust our judgement? And why have TWO systems anyway – other companies don’t [I don’t think, anyway].)

Bottom line is I know Dexcom works very well for me. I know that I like the Medtronic pump. I just want my world to be perfect and have the option of having those two combined.

*clicking my ruby slippers*



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4 responses to “Conflicted

  1. +1 on these exact same sentiments from me!!

  2. Clifton Simoneaux

    I know exactly what you mean. Dexcom is my CGM, and Medtronic is my pump…a 530G no less. Enlites work ok for me, but Dexcom is much simpler in its design, easier to insert, and the 7 day cycle instead of 6 means the same day each week is my “start over day” each week. That in and of itself just makes Dexcom better, even whey the both are giving the same quality results. Medtronic just does not consider those things I guess.

    As for the reports, I do wish I could see a daily sensor overlay with Dexcom data added to my pump data with bolus marks and amounts. Probably someone smarter than me can develop an app that will combine both data sets and spit out one report.

    And like you, I think it stinks that I can not get the FULL reports that are only available to a healthcare provider. I am my own Endo!! My family doctor writes my scripts, and I manage my own diabetes, and I do an awesome job of it too by the way.

    Thanks for getting me all worked up today Sarah!! Just kidding, I love your blog. I need to get back to mine, but college studies and a full time job just take up too much of my time right now.


  3. It’d be like asking Apple to allow for Android to have and access all of the iWorld tech, and vice versa. Just no way they would, because it hits their bottom line. But I’m with you and wish that could happen, business decisions aside. That’s why I’m so excited about Tidepool’s work on the Blip app that will allow for all of this info to be combined.

  4. Elizabeth

    I’m right there with you! As a Dexcom & Medtronic user, I have become SO frustrated with the lack of combined data access that I believe I will soon be moving to a Animas Vibe. I hear you about the button pushing frustration there, but am hoping that with the new back arrow option and the one push to get to the suggested bolus, that the excess button pushing will be slightly more tolerable than the Ping!

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