The Hip Clip

My last post talked about how I dream that the t:clip would be.. and I still do. However, I took a big leap and simply ditched it…. and attached the Hip Clip directly to my t:slim.


It wasn’t an easy choice to make since I absolutely LOVE having the colors of the t:clips that I do and having the ability to mix and match them. The problem with affixing the clip directly to the pump is that you lose the ability to use the t:clips.. thus no fun colors. BUT, what I didn’t expect is how much it seems to lighten the pump… and makes it feel as if I’m not even wearing it.



It honestly makes the pump seem so much thinner. 6XTGyHoc5wk3D9mp.jpg

I mean, yeah, it’s the same size it’s always been, but having mine stuck in the “otterbox” of cases it seems almost invigorating and new to see how thin it is… dare I say… sexy even. (Cause, yeah, pumps can TOTALLY be sexy… )


I haven’t had any issues with the clip seeming to come off or anything. The clip comes with 3M bonding tape pre-attached, and you can get more from the hardware store or walmart if needed. We happened to have some, so after I took the clip off of the plastic t:slider, I needed to re-tape… which involved Unisolve wipes to remove the old bits of tape from the Hip Clip before I could attach more to it. The problem with having it attached to the t:slider case was that the case had a matte-feeling finish on it, so the clip didn’t’ seem to want to stay permanently. You might could sand it before attaching it, but I didn’t take anymore time with it after I attached the Hip Clip directly to the pump. I love it. It feels more like the clip on the Animas Ping did… and I LOOOOVEEEDD how it clipped.

The only thing is that the clip doesn’t seem as tightly tensioned as the Ping on did, so if you’re very active with it, it *may* come unclipped… but the you wouldn’t have even needed to be slightly active with the t:clip or even bend over wrong and it would fall over or something. That’s what irritated me – it was SO floppy. The Hip Clip doesn’t really let it “flop”.

Right now, I’m in love. I haven’t really missed my t:clips, just the bit of color they provided.




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4 responses to “The Hip Clip

  1. Gary Cunningham

    Sarah where do you get the hip clip?


  2. I’m not sure where Sarah got hers, she talks a big about it in her previous post. But here’s what I found with a quick search on Amazon

  3. I hadn’t heard of the hip clip before! I’ll have to look into this a bit more. Thanks!

  4. Gary Cunningham

    Sarah, is the hip clip still working for you?

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