Last week, I vented blogged about some issues I had with the pump since the weather has gotten very warm and humid here. (READ: very humid… like, drenched-in-sweat-as-soon-as-you-walk-out-0f-the-door humid.)  I called Tandem and they went through some trouble-shooting things with me to be sure the pump was working correctly (passed!) and we tried to troubleshoot some other things like sites and tubing problems. Since the pump had seemed to work fine, it had to be one of those things. After going through checking a few things there and even changing out my tubing and site, we sort of put a pause button on the conversation for an hour or so when she said she would call me back to check on me.

I also got a call from a very nice guy (Hi Chris!!) in the support side of Tandem later because he had read my blog and wanted to help as well. I have to say, that was really nice of Tandem to do that and to try so hard to help. He went over a lot of things with me and put my mind at ease about my concern that it was the heat/humidity factor causing the pump to fail. We went over things like insulin storage, checking the Luer Lock, checking the site itself for leakage or insulin smell… I really liked that it felt like a team-effort to troubleshoot and not a “our pump is superior, how dare you think there’s something wrong with it” session that I’ve had from some other device makers.

I also called my local distributor and ran the possibility of a site issue by a lady there and she suggested using a different type as well as they’ve had some customers with problems with Insets before. So, she sent me a couple of sample packs of Accu-Chek’s UltraFlex sets.


I got the box on Saturday and changed out my pump (again). I’ve been using this set since then without any problem at all. I’ll post more later about the actual set, but this may actually be a resolution to the problem. Then again, we’ve not had really hot weather over the weekend and it’s pouring rain today and not terribly hot either, so we’ll see over time. I have three of these left, so I can get a good sense of whether to switch to them or not when it comes time to order again.

Crossing my fingers that this fixes everything and I can continue to use the t:slim… because as crazy as it sounds, I love that little thing.



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  1. Gary Cunningham

    hi Sarah, let me know how you like the Accu-Chek’s UltraFlex set. If it is easy to use. Thanks


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