Maybe It’s A Set Issue?

In efforts to try whatever I can to figure this whole t:slim/dog-days-of-summer battle that seems to be going on with me, I’m trying to think outside of the box… or outside of the t:slim, that is.

Last night, I watched as I tried different amounts of bolus deliveries pump through the tubing and onto a piece of tissue paper. Trying to be sure that every bit came through without any pauses or spurts – just what would seem to be normal delivery for the t:slim’s delivery method. It all seemed to be fine. Nothing that would seem to have put me on the roller-coaster I was on at the end of last week.

So, what could be a difference between summer and winter other than heat? Sweat. Maybe… even though I’m cleaning the sites before placing them, maybe there’s too much skin oils that come up during the course of wear that possibly loosen the tape a bit… running with this idea, I cleaned the site very well with alcohol and then applied a good layer of SkinTac before placing a new site – a QuickSet (luer-lock style) instead of an Inset.


It hurt like a good sting for a while simply because I didn’t have my Quickset Serter device.

So, here’s to hoping maybe it’s a set issue and maybe the only “fix” that is needed is to wear a different type of set during the summer – which would be fine. Better than having my endo or CDE give me looks for switching pumps.



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3 responses to “Maybe It’s A Set Issue?

  1. CW

    Thanks for sharing. Thought I was alone. Same thing happened with me and I’m on a Medtronic pump. I had several replacement pumps and it happened with all of them. My basal delivery worked and would keep me in range. But I had to use injections for a while for bolus delivery/absorption. The NP/CDE said it was so rare that she hadn’t had experience with it but other CDE’s that she consulted said they had. They are not sure why but it does happen. I change out my site every day. Almost 20 years on a MDT pump.

  2. Except for insertion, is there any difference between Quick Sets and Insets? I’ve tried both and thought they were about the same. Of course I always do horribly with 90 degree sets, but I keep trying new ones occasionally (Mios, Cleos).

    Because I had read of so many people liking Contact Detach (Sure-T) sets with the metal cannula, I ordered a box with my last order. I hadn’t really done my homework because I didn’t know that they were 90 degree sets. The first one had blood up in the tubing after one day. The second one pulled out completely after a day and a half. Both of them left bruises and hurt a little. But I noticed with both of them is that they had very good absorption immediately after insertion. With my Comfort Shorts (Silhouettes) I always prime more than recommended and use a temporary basal of about double my normal rate for an hour or two. I didn’t need that with the metal sets.

    I assume you’ve tried the metal sets at one time or another because you’re always trying everything. If you want a couple, just PM me through Facebook, a Twitter, or my blog. I’ll eventually use the 8 that I still have or maybe not.

  3. Laddie and Sarah,
    Could you talk about different pump sets, which you liked and which you didn’t. We’ve only used Medtronic Quick-set and (t:slim) cleo for my daughter. I’m afraid to try anything else and sometimes I’m not even sure what goes with what! 🙂 As I look at a pump for myself, I’m really not sure b/c I could definitely see having different criteria than my daughter.

    I hope that fixes the issue!! We really do like t:slim. 🙂

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