It Must Be Something About September…

It was about this time last year that I started having issues with my t:slim pump. The constant highs, the constant cartridge changes, you name it. I couldn’t get off of the roller-coaster that seemed to be happening. I eventually had enough of it and went on shots until I could get supplies for one of my backup pumps. It was so weird how just changing off and going to another pump seemed to fix everything.

Then came the cartridge recall in January and in February, I gave the t:slim another try with the new cartridges. I thought – well, even though my cartridges were not listed as part of the recall, maybe that was the problem. So, I paid out-of-pocket for a box of cartridges directly from Tandem…. and the pump worked. I didn’t have any issues at all. In fact, I continued to use the pump with no problems at all…

Until last week.

The same thing was becoming an issue.. it would seem my insulin wouldn’t deliver at all then BOOM! I was low as if all of it finally made it through. I was on a roller coaster and my body was paying the price.


All the while, I did have issues with the pump not reading the correct amount of insulin I had in the pump. Tandem was very good about sending out a new box which seemed to stop the madness of “missing” insulin (I would put in 200, it would read 60, etc.. not the normal 160 that it should read).  But the replaced cartridges didn’t fix the roller coaster of glucose readings I was having.

I decided not to even waste my time this time. I knew my basal rates were right, I knew I was watching my food intake and dosing correctly (as possible). Still. There was no reason to have happen what I did. I got the spare pump together and by the afternoon, I had leveled off. Later, when it came time to dose, my boluses were working like they should. All using the same type of set and general site area and basal/bolus/correction factors. The only difference was the pump.

So, I’m wondering. Could it be just something around the area that I live in? Could it be that the pump can’t handle the heat of the summer like my others can? Could it be that with the heat + humidity that the insulin isn’t as stable as long right now and degrades just a bit quicker thus causing problems that are too minor for the pump to detect?

I’m not angry about what’s going on. I am a bit upset because I do truly LOVE using the t:slim pump – I think it’s been one of the best I’ve used aside from this issue or phenomenon. I dunno. I’m at a loss. It’s really hard to not be heartbroken – which seems utterly stupid since it’s just a piece of medical machinery. But I just want it to work for me. I’m envious of those who have used it since it came on the market without issue. I’m discouraged. I try not to even get excited about the t:slim G4 that’s rumored to be out next year because if I can’t figure out what it is about August/September that throws me so off with the pump, I may not upgrade to it when the time comes.

Or maybe I can just use the time period of August – November as a break and just go to MDI for a while? To give my skin a break? Still, though, it doesn’t fix the issue…

All of these thoughts and feelings keep swirling in my head. I probably shouldn’t blog them out because I don’t’ want to discourage anyone from getting the t:slim simply because it is a remarkable pump and works very well for others, but I can’t keep this stuff in my head or I’ll go crazy. So I write. Which is why I blog anyway. So.. and I need to hush.

Thanks for reading.

Have a wonderful day.



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2 responses to “It Must Be Something About September…

  1. Gary Cunningham

    Sarah, you have aright to vent. If I were in your shoes I would be doing the same exact thing. You are a very good mentor, you have helped me allot over the years. Hang in there and keep up the good work you are doing.


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