New Decade. #birthdaywish

Today, I turn 30 years old.

Aside from a wonderful family and awesome friends, I’m very thankful and hopeful for all of the advancements in the world of diabetes care and management that I use every day and that allow me to live as healthy as possible. People have asked how I feel about turning 30… and the answer is the same… BLESSED. 

I have a mission today to raise money for a local JDRF walk as a “virtual walker”. I have a goal of just $300.00. If 30 people donate $10, I’ll have reached my goal. 

I know it’s a little ambitious, but I believe it can be done . I’ll have to think of some sort of way to celebrate. Click the image below to be taken to my walk page where you can donate if you can. 



Click here to donate! 😀 Thank you!


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  1. Gary Cunningham

    Happy Birthday, belated.

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