Unisolve The Dirt Away?

If you haven’t heard of this product, Unisolve is a product that a lot of diabetics use to remove the left over glue-gunk from old infusion sites or sensor sites. Some even use it to loosen up the site before removal since it works it’s magic to de-stickify the glue and make for easier, less-painful removal. But what if there was another use for it… something not even glue-related??


Last night, I wanted to try to clean the dirt off of the edges of my white t:clip. I love that it’s a white t:clip just as much as I hate that it’s a white t:clip. It’s so nice and clean until it’s not nice and clean. Then, it’s a bugger to clean.

I made the mistake of wearing the white clip with my dark jeans one day and the rounded edges became dirty-looking. That, coupled with the way that one sort of naturally holds the pump to bolus, of course, made it look dingy. But it’s not a sock and I can’t soak it in bleach…. though I tried. I even had it sitting in bleach toilet bowl cleaner for a while last night, and it helped, but not very much.  When I posted a pic on Instagram of my obsession with the t:clips, I made mention of how the white one was sitting in bleach…


My friend Lorraine commented about how she had used Unisolve to clean a pair of white sandals with it. So… what did I do?? Yep. I pulled one out and I scrubbed a bit and… well, whaddaya know?! It came clean! For the most part, anyway. It does have a sliiiiight smudge left, but nothing that is super visible now.

I knew my pink case had some of the same discoloration, so I tried it on that one too:





Well, well, well. This may be my go-to to clean off my t:clips from now on.

Just be careful and be sure to rinse or wipe the solution off after using it. I don’t know if it was just that or the combination of using both the bleach AND the Unisolve on the same spot, but part of the matte finish started coming off of the white one this morning. The pink one seems okay though.



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4 responses to “Unisolve The Dirt Away?

  1. Lorraine

    Cool! 🙂

  2. Another warning when using it: it WILL strip off your nail polish, so be careful if you’ve gotten a manicure and you need to use the wipes!

  3. But do you mix and match your colors like my daughter does?

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