You know when you’re trying to convince yourself you need to stop or start doing something, you usually overload yourself with information hoping that it will flip some sort of imaginary switch in your head? Yeah, that’s me. This week’s kick? Soda.

Problem is, I’m stuck. Soda is like a drug that I can’t give up. It’s a habit for me that every morning I stop at Sonic and get the .99 Large Diet Dr. Pepper (add Diet Cherry for .10) and that’s my morning “get-me-going-til-lunch” drink. This is after I’ve had my 16-oz water with Synthroid though, so I’ve always felt it was balanced out, especially since after that, most of what I have is water too… until Supper, and that’s another can of whatever diet is in the house. It’s my hangup, and I have yet to get rid of it.

Problem is, I feel like I need to. I’ve been on this weightloss / get healthy thing for a while now, and it seems no matter how hard (or not) I try, my body isn’t going to get past 1X0 (X being my ‘veil” for the weight-mark of which I will not share). Trying to get past that and to get into the next bracket of 1X0 is becoming impossible. I thought I had finally broken it, and then BAM, I’m right back there again. It’s becoming frustrating as I’m eating healthier and tracking calories and exercise and am almost always under my calorie goal for the day in MyFitnessPal. I’ve even contemplated asking my endo about trying Victoza. I know that being hypothyroid also plays a roll in my ability (or lack thereof) to lose weight, but still. This is just SO freakin’ hard when you don’t see the scale move.

So, I’m stuck, Part of me just wants to say “screw it” and happily slurp my ice cold Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. The other part of me wants to give it up for good and see what happens… then I know the voice in the back of my head will be all  – “you know you want it…. just go get the darn drink… one won’t hurt…..”


I’m stuck…



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5 responses to “Stuck

  1. Kim

    I have the same struggle with weight loss – probably also from hypothyroidism.

    I stopped drinking soda (I mean I’ll have an occasional one – once a month, maybe?) a couple of years ago and it was so surprising to me that I felt, overall, better once I stopped. I don’t know any secrets to quitting, but I hope you find something that works for you!

  2. I’ve only been able to do it for a month or two at a time because diet sodas are my go to drink to make me feel better when my blood sugar is high – I found it was easier to substitute something else in (like unsweetened iced tea). It also helped me to carry around 2 1-liter water bottles around to finish by the end of the work day. All us D’s struggle with out weight… but it doesn’t make us any less awesome. ❤

  3. Lizzie

    I share the same frustrating story… Tracking in MFP, fitbiting, and 3x a week weights aren’t moving any needles in the right direction, though my endo says that my thryoid levels and A1C are spot on and no medication adjustments are needed. Ye olde trainer recommended that I switch to Calorie King’s database since those values are verified by professionals, so that’s my next switch up, I guess.

    Used to be that when I low carbed and exercised enough to required a drop in basals and overall insulin usage, a few pounds would come off right away. I guess I’ve hit middle age or something. Awesome.

  4. Bailey

    I just found you blog…so far im loving it! seeing someone else go through some of the same struggles as me is kind of motivating… I am a diet dr pepper addict as well….one week without it so far and doing great! cant say I feel any better yet though. I have been drinking 2 liters or more of water a day. trying to lose weight sucks. I cant say im not really over weight but im just not happy with how my body is. my diabetes is not under the best of control…but im working on it. slowly making progress.

  5. Tisha

    I have the EXACT same struggles, I have ever since I turned about 37. I have ALWAYS exercised but never been a “great” eater. I have completely changed my diet (under 100 carbs a day) exercise 5 times a week (weights mon/wed/fri, cardio tues,thurs) I haven’t dropped a pound, however, I have noticed the “love handles” deminishing. I have always loved diet soda. I have pretty much given it up, occasionally I have one but not often. It hasn’t helped with “weight loss” but I do notice the difference in energy levels when I drink it not to mention my stomach doesn’t react real well to it much anymore. So, my belief is, giving it up isn’t going to help with weight loss if it is “diet” soda. However, you might be surprised at how your overall body feels. Just a thought and good luck, I know it sucks 🙂

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