T:Connect Temp Fix

Several months ago, I realized that for some reason I couldn’t review my t:connect reports through Chrome any longer. I’m not one to personally like to use Internet Explorer, but it seemed to be the only browser that would work to pull up my reports. I thought maybe it was just me.. that it was just a glitch in my computer that I would have to just figure out later. Then, this came up in the Tandem users Facebook group from my friend Mike:

mike comment tconnect

I immediately replied that I had the same issue, and that I had to use IE for it to work right. Of course, not a lot of people like IE or even have IE on their computers, so there had to be a fix for this.

The weird thing was I sort of stumbled on a temporary fix for it.

I opened up my t:connect account on Chrome (my preferred browser) and right clicked and selected “Inspect Element”. I do this from time to time if something isn’t working right or if I’m designing something on the blog and I need to know what the name of the element is. And what happened next shocked the heck out of me….

tconnect screen - temp fix

As soon as I clicked “Inspect Element”, everything came up. It worked. Every tab, report, everything. It was like something needed to be jolted for flash to work. Granted, this is just a temporary fix because if you close out of the browser and go back in, the report is blank again until you right click and select “Inspect Element”. You can then just click the “X” on the bottom menu that comes up and the reports will be there until you close the browser again.

I wanted to share this with you guys just in case you are coming across the same issue. It’s just a temporary fix, but it will let you avoid using IE if you’re someone who avoids it like the plague. If I find out a solid solution, I’ll let you guys know.


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