#dblogweek Day 4 : Wisdom In Listening


Whether it’s listening to someone tell their story without judgement, listening to the older generation tell the “back in my day” stories, or just listening to your body, a lot of wisdom can be gained by doing just that… listening.

With diabetes, It’s not just about trying to figure out right now what’s wrong or right or taking the numbers and seeing what adds up and what doesn’t. Sometimes, it’s about taking the time to just make your mind be quiet and just listen to the clues that your body has been telling you for a while. Persistent highs that can’t be figured out by a simple bolus or site change? Listen to your body. Are there any joint pains, body aches or even stressors happening (anxiety, coming down with a cold, PMS or ovulation)? Maybe something you ate isn’t agreeing with you in ways more than just an upset tummy (sneezing, headaches, etc). And other times, when things are going good, it’s a good time to listen to how happy you body is for doing good things like eating well, exercising, or even just taking that extra nap that it told you it needed. The more you listen to your body, the more you learn about your body. You are going to be the only person to know your body as well as you do, so listen to it. Learn it.

Listening also applies to those around you. Sort of like the “back in my day” stories, listening to the stories from others who have lived with diabetes (it’s the song of my people!) can give you an insight to things you may have never known about otherwise. Learning the path that others have experienced and walked can help you when you encounter something similar. I’ve listened and read many, many stories of others and it helps a lot of the time. The wisdom I’ve gained by listening has helped not just me, but others who I have talked to because while someone’s story may not apply to me, it may to someone else, and if I can share that story with someone who needs it, then it’s wisdom well learned. This is why I love to encourage others to blog – more stores = more listening = more wisdom shared.

One thing I will always remember my dad telling me was that you always watch the ones who don’t say much because they’re the ones who listen the most. And when they speak, it’s usually something wise that needs to be heard. Even so now, I listen when in a crowd of people. Most people think I’m just being anti-social, but in truth, I’m taking in all that’s around me and listening and learning. I apply that same concept to my diabetes and health. When there’s a lot going on, sometimes it’s good to just sit back and listen to my body tell me what it needs fixed, rather than me just trying to fix and fix and fix until I end up with a bigger problem than what I would have.


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One response to “#dblogweek Day 4 : Wisdom In Listening

  1. This is so true and is very good advice. In my professional life, I’m the type to sit in a meeting, mostly silent and observational, with the hope of solving the issue at hand and saying something (hopefully) profound at the end.

    Diabetes-wise, it’s trickier. It’s hard to admit that, after so many years, there is still so much we haven’t learned or have forgotten. There’s a tendency to want to speak and act, rather than listen. And when it comes to listening to your body, usually the “answers” to our challenges (like a poorly performing infusion site) seem painfully obvious, but only after trying so many little fixes instead of listening and assessing the whole problem. I fall victim to that far too often.

    Great advice.

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