#Dblogweek Day 3 – What Brings Me Down


It’s a mixed bag of things that control every aspect of your life. From the way that you act to the way that you feel, it creeps into your life like a vine and intertwines itself around every corner of your being, both physical and emotional.

The constant thinking of every move I make brings me down. The worry over food, the stress over glucose numbers, the fear of a impromptu walk around the block. The physical pain of poking fingers and inserting sites, though I shrug it off as no big deal, brings me down. The mental judgement that I put myself through with every high that persists beyond one correction dose and the fear of what it’s doing to my tiny vessels overwhelms me. The little things here and there that come along just when I think I’m doing a great job at this whole diabetes management thing remind me that no matter what I do, complications are going to arise, and it’s going to suck.SugaB.jpg

Does all of this mean I should just give up? Does it matter if I try or not since I’m going to face crap anyway? No. I used to think this way and tried to live a life with diabetes on the side. It just doesn’t work out. It’s okay to experience burnout every now and then, but I have to pick myself up and put my big girl panties on and deal. Why? Because it’s not just me that this disease affects.

It affects my family. My husband. My son. Knowing that they depend on me to try as hard as I can to be healthy is what drives me out of it and brings me back up. Diabetes may bring me down, but the support of family and friends is what brings me back up… back to this thing called “life with diabetes”, not “the diabetic life”.



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2 responses to “#Dblogweek Day 3 – What Brings Me Down

  1. Well said. Great advice. Thanks!

  2. Gary Cunningham

    I really liked that post from you. I have been so so stressed since the 1st of May. I moved to a new city, just me and my dog. While moving I have lost my G4 transmitter. I am a total wreck without it. If that is not bad enough I have run out of test strips. I have to wait till Wednesday the 21st (payday) to order supplies. Dexcom is shipping me a new transmitter on the 21st. I have not been eating well either. Well I just needed to vent and let it out. Sarah you have been a real big help to me in the past and I thank you for that.


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