#DBlogWeek, Day2 – Poem

“Will I wake up if I lay down tonight?”
A thought, as I turn off the light.

Sunrise comes, snap, shunk, countdown to one,
The number revealed, the day has begun.

Too high, and I’m icky and tired
Too low, and I’m shaky and tired

Hit the goal, I’ve hit the lottery
Out of bed, I’m rested and free.

Continuing the day,
Pump and meter hidden away

Revealed when needed,
Hidden when not.

Just sitting to the side
In their designated spot.

But try as I may, I hide you, you’re there.
You’re with me always, everywhere.

I hate you, I love you,
I curse you, I bless you.

I work hard to manage and get through,
I take care of myself and you.

It’s a balance, this dance between us,
From successful to disastrous.

I can do my best all day, all week, or all year,
But it doesn’t guarantee my place here.

I am thankful for every breath I’m given,
For every day that I survive.

“Will I wake up if I lay down tonight?”
A thought, as I turn off the light.



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5 responses to “#DBlogWeek, Day2 – Poem

  1. Stephen Stilley

    How true how absolutely true!!! I fear the low’s and choose the high just because I don’t like the worry; worry is just displaced to another issue/day for another reason, it is never gone. Oh how I want a cgm connected to a pump that would work automatically! and while I am just wishing, why not burry it deep inside my body so I don’t have equipment to hang on my arm. Over 30 years and the only hope I have of freedom is death. (and I absolutely love Life)

  2. Love your poem 🙂

  3. Wow…such deep thoughts. It seems that much more intense when put into rhyme.

  4. Gary Cunningham

    Very nice poem

  5. So very true. We have weapons in our arsenals,but there’s always that element of fear.

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