Five Years Makes A Full Circle

I’ve been trying to think of what to write about today. Should I just reblog my original post and label it “5 years of Suga-blogging”? Or should I simply just post some picture and say “Happy 5 years to my blog”? Then I started thinking about what my original blog post was about. The one that started my thinking of even blogging in the first place. Why did I start one? What was my purpose for starting this journey? And it’s all come full circle.

My first real-world, blogging just to blog and get things out of my head, post was about my thoughts of having a baby, and wondering if it was something we could do or not. It was something that was just a dream. But through blogging and opening myself up, I was able to process feelings that I had over time. I learned a lot about myself by just getting my thoughts out and facing the realities and working through them. I even created my blog “symbol” or flower (which has been redesigned over the years!)New flower - final4 200 to represent the renewal of hope that I found in myself that yes, I could do this. Eventually, that dream came to fruition. We became parents, and it’s been a wild ride ever since.

Now, here we are, approaching three years (sidenote: WHAAATTT??!?!) since our “BabyK” came into our lives. We have even thought and entertained the idea of having a second child as it was just one of our concluded agreements that if we did/could have one child, we wanted to have another one. But now, we’re sort of stepping back and reassessing that agreement. Not because we don’t think we can handle it as parents, but we are more worried about how or if my body could handle a second pregnancy. I know many who have two children and seem to be doing just fine. But I worry. It’s a question of should we be thankful for the one we have and not take the risk? Is there much more risk in the long term? There are so many questions that go through my mind, but the main topic of it is…

Thinking of another baby… maybe… maybe not.



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4 responses to “Five Years Makes A Full Circle

  1. something i’ve been thinking about recently with how bad my health has been. i’m not sure if my body can cope with a pregnancy in the future

  2. Congrats on five years! Your voice is important and appreciated. My experience has been, if you keep searching for the right answer (i.e., not hiding from it), you’ll eventually find the right answer. Good luck!

  3. Happy five year blogaversary! Even though we communicate otherwise, I like to read your blog to keep up with what’s going on with you 🙂 Deciding on children has so many different factors, I hope you will be guided to make the best decision for you and E.

  4. Happy 5th blog-aversary, Sarah! So glad to have you in this DOC, and to have the privilege of calling you a friend. Thanks for continuing to tell your story!

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