Screens Matter

Something that I’ve noticed quite often is how much I’m having to try to see my pump screen. I don’t have vision issues (or so my ophthalmologist just told me a few weeks ago), but yet for some reason, I can’t always see my pump screen. If no buttons are pressed, it’s fine, but when the screen is “active”, the background contrast messes with what I can see. Most of the time, even in daylight, I have to turn my back-light on just to read it clearly.

I completely understand why Medtronic chose to keep the screen like they have for years – it’s one that is made sort of like those Indigo watches that I SOOO envied when I was a kid… and I have one now except it’s in the form of a $7K piece of medical equipment tethered to my side. It’s a screen that in bright daylight or darkness, it can be seen. I’ve used other color LED-type pumps and the sunlight does interfere with the ability to read them.

If I could make any changes to the 530G, it would be to make the screen out of something similar to Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite. It. Is. Awesome. I want to take the screens from the 530G manual and just put it on my pump. I would have no problem reading them if I could. That way, the back-light would automatically come on if you pressed a button, not by pressing a sequence, and would go off after no presses in, say, 10 or 20 seconds (user-defined, of course). Also, a change for the font would be nice, but I think the type of screen they’re using now sort of restricts what they can do. So, back to the Paperwhite… you could use whatever font (maybe Cupcake?) and the back-light would just illuminate it without making it green. Something sort of like this:

Displaying image.jpeg

That’s probably the only thing I miss about my other pumps. The font is very 1980’s and the screen is too. And I want the back-light to automatically come on. Please, Medtronic….incorporate something like a Paperwhite screen that’s easier to read. 🙂 Thanks!


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  1. I also find that I tend to turn the backlight on to do almost anything. Not that I particularly *need* it, but it just makes it easier to see (unless I’m in my blindingly-fluorescently-bright office) so I do it.

    It does annoy me though, since I always keep the pump in vibrate mode, that the backlight goes off for each buzz — I guess it draws too much power to both at the same time. It can be highly irritating.

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