No, not as in the act of pulling skin off (eww?) but putting one on.

Medtronic now has colorful silicone skins that you can use to put on your pump to change up the look of your pump (*note*: The skins do not offer protection against bumps, drops and things like that). They have a similar function to the SkinIt skins, except you can use and reuse these as many times as you want to. Though, to be fair, I’ve used and reused SkinIt skins once or twice, but usually they wear out from stretching while pulling them off.

What I like about the Skins is that you can put it on without taking off your clip (actually, you have to leave it on if you want the clip on) and you can do anything you need to with it still on… like change the reservoir or the battery.

And, as you can see in the pictures, you can still leave your SkinIt skin on there if you want to… which makes for interesting designs below it. For me, I absolutely LOOOVE my SkinIt skin I have on my pump now, and I don’t really want to take it off, so to change up the look for something like, oh.. Blue Fridays, I can just throw the skin on and go!


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  1. Mary

    oh i thought y meant a skin for the part that sticks to your body.

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