I’ve Sent Mine…. #SDP


Action Alert: The Special Diabetes Program (SDP), a federal program that is helping to advance type 1 diabetes research, expires this September. Congress is considering legislation RIGHT NOW that could renew the SDP for multiple years! Let your voice be heard! Email your Members of Congress, because if the program is not renewed, JDRF and other private funders will not be able to fill the gap and promising clinical trials will end.


Click the picture above to be taken to the JDRF’s Action page that will allow you to send an email that you can personalize to your Members of Congress (they will automatically send it where it needs to go based on your address information that you put in).

We need them to renew the Special Diabetes Program.

Please, take just 5-10 minutes to fill in the form, write a note, and click send. It’s that easy.

Let’s get the word out that funding for the SDP is VERY important, especially now with so many promising advancements on the horizon.

I’ve sent mine…

Will you please go submit yours?


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