Need a last minute Valentines gift idea? I have one. #SpareARose

I know how it is for some of you (including myself). You work day in and day out… and then… all of a sudden… it’s Valentines day. You run into the closest store, grab a card and some candy and write a little note in the card when you drive into the driveway. Or… you swing by the grocery store and buy a bottle of wine and a steak and make it as if you had that planned the whole time and your idea was to finish off the night with a romantic movie of his/her choosing… but we really know it’s all because you forgot that Valentine’s day was coming up and you didn’t plan ahead.

A lot of us last minute’rs struggle to find that one thing that will be just right to show our love for our sweethearts. Sometimes, we only spend about $5 in the just the greeting card alone. Other times, we go all out and spend way more than that if you include the cost of the meal too.. and the flowers… and the candy. What if we just took one of those things out of the equation or made some substitutions to save a child’s life?

That’s right. Just forget getting the candy or get a smaller bouquet of flowers, or get chicken instead of the filet mignon. Or just get a bottle of soda pop and ice cream and make root-beer floats instead of getting that expensive bottle of wine.

How would doing this save a child’s life?

SquareTagThe Spare a Rose campaign has raised above and beyond their goal of $10,000 just in the short time it’s gone live, which is a remarkable thing to say the least considering it only takes $5 to save one child’s life for one month by helping to provide life-saving insulin to them. Honestly, I think the goal is a little low. I want this to meet and surpass even $50,000. The goal is to reach it by Valentine’s day, which is in just 3 1/2 days. Am I being a bit hopeful? Yes. But that would equate 10,000 months of life. Considering how many children are in need of this insulin? That’s not that many months (just over 833 years, or the lifespan of about 12 children). Of course, any amount will do more to help the cause than none at all, so the more we can raise, the more lives we can save.

Help us save lives. Spare a rose… or a steak… this Valentine’s day and help save the life of a child in need.


USDEURGBPJPYCADAUD Spare 1 Rose = $5 = 1 month of Life for a Child2 Roses = $10 = 2 months of Life for a Child3 Roses = $15 = 3 months of Life for a Child6 Roses = $30 = 6 months of Life for a Child1 Dozen Roses = $60 = A year of Life for a Child2 Dozen Roses = $120 = Two years of Life for a Child
Life for a Child


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