Stretching It


Since Christmas, I’ve been really determined to find a fitness routine that works for me and that I can fit into every day of the week. Okay, so maybe not everyday, but almost. I’ve also been tracking my progress on My Fitness Pal too along with calories and stuff. My goal is mostly to lose weight by beach time this summer, but also to just get healthier as a diabetic.

While I knew I had lost a little bit and was eating a LOT less carbs (note: I went from 200-250g per day easy to 70-100 this month), I didn’t think about the amount of insulin I would be saving too. I’m back to averaging 30-35 units per day (was up to 50… And that’s a lot for me). It didn’t hit me until yesterday, but I’ve had this cartridge and site in for what seems like forever. When I looked at my pump history, it’s basically been 5 days!! 5 WHOLE DAYS (if I wait til after 4pm, and that’s totally doable with the usable “cushion” these pumps have). I know it’s not healthy at all, and I probably won’t load one fully next time, but I like that it is sort of physical proof or evidence that I’m doing a good job and it shows the progress I’m making, both weight wise and just overall health wise.



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2 responses to “Stretching It

  1. I can’t remember what type of insulin you use. I use Novolog and regularly change my site independently of the reservoir. I fill my reservoir completely and usually get a week from it. I have never once noticed any degradation of the insulin nor had any issues doing this. I did it with my Medtronic pumps for years and have been doing the same with the Ping. I’ve done it successfully with Novolog and Humalog. I don’t know whether it would work with Apidra because I’ve read of too many people having problems with Apidra even lasting three days.

    I change my infusion set every two to three days. I collect a lot of extra tubing because I only change my tubing when I change my reservoir. For three months I buy 4 boxes of infusion sets and 2 boxes of reservoirs and still have tons of extra reservoirs.

    BTW I eat lower carb most of the time and it does make a big difference in how much insulin I use.

    It does look as though you’re making good progress with your goals and congrats!

  2. It certainly seems like you’re doing good! Keep up the good work =) Staying low carb ALL the time is hard for me for some reason but when I do it, my BG love it. I have to remind myself of that as motivation. And maybe it’s the Apidra or the Apidra pod combo but I notice sometimes that when I get to the end of day 3, my BG aren’t happy about it. I’m glad you can use it to the last drop.

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