Silver Diaversary

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On November 22, 1988, a little girl was taken to her doctor for a sore throat, ear ache, decreased appetite, along with increased thirst and urination. Physical exam was “essentially normal”… however urine tests were strongly positive for glucose. Blood glucose levels were more than twice the “normal” range. It was then, she was admitted to the hospital for juvenile diabetes mellitus. That day, …her life changed, along with those around her. That was me, at the age of just 4 years old.
Now, 25 years and countless shots, pump sites, and finger pokes later later, I’ve grown into an otherwise healthy young lady with a supportive family, a wonderful husband, and a beautiful son. Some would see this as a horrible thing to happen, but I have come to accept this as a blessing. Not only has it caused me to learn just how beautifully and wonderfully made we are, but it has brought me wonderful friends that I couldn’t imagine life without. Thank you to everyone who has been there for me and supported me throughout this journey, and to the Lord for all of His blessings He has brought to me.




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2 responses to “Silver Diaversary

  1. Always find it interesting to read the medical reports from a diagnosis. I’m not quite sure why (no, I’m not sadistic!) – I just find it interesting to learn of the procedures and how things were figured out back then. Thanks for posting this.

    Congrats on twenty-five years of living well with D!

  2. Cherise

    Congratulations, Sarah!!! Living with diabetes for 25 years is a blessing. I am blessed to have you in my life.

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