Be Kind.


No matter what type, we’re all fighting the battle. Be strong. Be courageous. Be kind. #worlddiabetesday #diabetesawareness

I posted this on Instagram as my World Diabetes Day 2014 photo. In the caption you’ll see two words.

Be. Kind.

Stop and think about that for a minute.

If you’ve ever watched Ellen, you know that she ends her shows with one line.. one plea, if you will… “Always, be kind to one another”. This isn’t so far off from what we are taught as children, “Treat others as you would have them treat you”.

Something that is bothering me, even within the “shelter” of the DOC is the judgement that is happening between us. It should not matter at all what type we are. We are all fighting a battle. From type 1 who can’t help that their own bodies turned against them, to type 2s who still have no clear answer on why they have diabetes but know that every single morning they wake up, they have to do the same exact thing we do… prick our fingers and check our blood sugar. The method of treatment is the only thing that varies. They can’t just wake up and flip a switch and be cured no more than a type 1 can plug in a pump and be cured (which, yes, type 2’s wear pumps too, but it’s a part of the point I’m trying to make).

We are both prone to depression. We are both prone to judgmental glances and feelings of defeat. We are both prone to ridicule from the outside world who doesn’t understand the truth and only knows what the media feeds them. We don’t need to get that from each other from within a community that is supposed to be understanding and supportive.

You may ask what spurred this post instead of one of great thanks to Dr. Banting for his contribution to the world in giving us life-saving insulin. It’s this: If you have ever taken time to read the secrets that are posted here, you know there are those who aren’t happy in the community. They feel judged by others in an environment that is supposed to feel safe.

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. The blue circle that we proclaim to be our symbol for Diabetes is supposed to be one of unity. Everyone, large, small, short, tall, fat, thin, black, white,…Everyone. My heart aches for these who feel rejected when they should be feeling loved.

Let it all stop today. No more.Stop the judgement. Quit with the “one has it worse/better than the other” snares. Stand up for everyone, no matter the type. Wear the Blue Circle with pride and support unity among the community.

Love them.

Be kind to one another.


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