I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t wear it one more second. It had to be pulled.


Why these things do this as a hit and miss is beyond me. This sensor? Was just inserted on Friday. FRIDAY! Geez. I know I have plenty of them because I use them for MUCH longer than recommended….well, okay… TOLD, but still. I feel gypped when I can’t get the full week out of them.

This one was on my upper thigh.. a place I’ve used a lot. So I’m not quite sure as to why it caused so much trouble, but it did and now it’s out.

And NOW I’m left with an itchy spot and no sensor readings…. that is until lunch when I can go home and get another one. Until then I’m going to be spazzing out like Professor Crocker.



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2 responses to “Sensorless

  1. Robin Bryant

    This has happened to me as well. I just put in a new one right above the itchy spot an it was fine. The company replaced the one that caused the problem. Not sure why it happened. I just chalked it up as a sensitive spot. Good luck,

  2. Mary

    We become so dependent on technology, don’t we? I went without my Dexcom sensor last week and it sure was difficult and frustrating not knowing what my bgs was evey minute. Even, when i go to the gym the machines monitor my heart rate so i don’t over do it. When machines and technology will be able to monitor our vitals, and used to replace our body’s failed organs to give us everlasing life, what will we become?

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