Curves, The Dexcom Type

This morning was my quarterly checkup with my endocrinologist. Let me first start off by saying while he is a very laid-back doctor, he is also top-notch in my state. He is very professional, and he knows his stuff. He can sit there and joke with you about the trials and tribulations of raising kids and in the next sentence break down the components of any given insulin brand and tell you why one may be working better for you than the next.

That being said, this morning was, well, pretty darn good. Being as how it was my appointment to check in on my diabetes happenings and to analyze a few things before making some pretty big decisions, we were going over my blood sugars, and all of the spikes and things that had been happening lately. Next, he looked at my Dexcom chart that showed two week comparisons on top of each other and said, in essence, how great the overall graph curves looked. They need some work, but he was not upset by them at all.. or not nearly as much as I was about them. Then, we chatted and joked a bit with how  my two-year old is doing (being a danger-seeker of sorts these days) along with telling me about his kids and family.

I have to admit, I was nervous as heck going in today. With all of the super-high highs that have been happening, I was sure there was going to be some sort of grilling me over why they had been staying so high. But he didn’t. I had a good appointment, he made me laugh, and once again proved to me that he is the best endo ever (well, that I’ve ever dealt with anyway).


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  1. I’m glad your appointment went well, despite your recent frustrations. I’m sure it’s apparent to your endo that you work hard at managing BG and that your highs weren’t from not trying. Hopefully together you figured out a few things that can help things move in the right direction 🙂

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