Exhaustion and Diabetes Colic

ZzzIf you’ve never experienced the feeling that comes after having weeks of high blood sugars, let me explain (or at least, how it feels to me).

If you have had a child, you know the pure exhaustion that comes within the first few months of their life. The zombie-like motions that you go through on auto-pilot just to make things function. The simple act of even yawning makes you that much more tired. Not only are you having to take care of yourself, but you’re also having to stay alert and take care of this cute, adorable, sweet-smelling baby that needs your attention every 2-3 hours of the day. The difference here is that with a new baby, the exhaustion is there, but it is totally worth it. And, usually, if there’s something wrong, it’s an easy fix like a diaper change, a bottle, needing to burp, or they just want to snuggle a bit.

Diabetes is sort of like having a baby 24/7. You’re almost always, in one way or another, tired from the management every couple of hours during the day. Sure, you get used to it, and having a good day without fussiness from your diabetes is like a mini-vacation and you can sort of become rejuvenated, much like if you have a great day without fussiness at all from the baby. But, having weeks of highs where you’ve tried every avenue possible to fix them is like having a baby with a bout of colic. NOTHING you do eases the fussiness. You do everything possible and nothing works, which leaves the BOTH of you tired, exhausted and mentally and emotionally drained. Until you do something as simple as changing the type of bottle you are using and it magically fixes the problem.

That’s how I feel right about now. I’m drained. Wednesday afternoon, my Medtronic rep brought me some supplies for my Revel pump. As much as I wanted a pump break, it was driving me nuts that I had no way to “suspend” a Levemir dose, plus I was having some sort of reaction to it. Wednesday night, I hooked up the Revel. My blood sugars have been back in line (except for a brief couple of hours yesterday afternoon where I had disconnected and forgotten to reconnect! Oops!), and I’m now starting to feel the onslaught of exhaustion that has been pinned up inside of me. Sort of like the baby with colic, once you get the baby calmed down, you almost pass out yourself. I’ve calmed my inner diabetes baby, and now I need a nap. Like, a day-long-with-someone-else-managing-my-sugars-so I-can-sleep nap. I’d probably even sleep through the finger pokes.


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  1. So you’re Reveling in the Medtronic pumps again? (and more importantly, your rep BROUGHT you supplies?!).

    Seriously, though, I just went through two weeks of absolutely lousy blood sugars. Rarely below my overnight “high” target, and very erratic overnight. Then suddenly, things started working perfectly for a week, to the point I thought my meter and CGM were broken, and I resisted changing my overdue infusion site. I’m hoping to settle somewhere in between. These things are cyclical, for some reason. It’ll get better.

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