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So, earlier this month, I was given the opportunity to trial the Asante Snap insulin pump. While, I found through the two pump bodies that I went through, that it was a very nice pump to use and very simple, the one thing about it is that, currently, it is a Humalog cartridge pump only.  I am a Novolog user, but I had been told by several different people that there really was no difference in the way the two insulins worked. While others, declared with certainty that there is, in fact, a difference.

I am one of those in the latter group. For the first couple of days, my sugars were great. I didn’t notice a difference at all, and if I did, it was actually better. Then, on day 3, it all went down hill…. or should I say.. up hill? I could not for the life of me control postprandial (after-meal) blood sugars. It would take two corrections to bring them down, and once I did, I would crash, and after I treated, I was right back up again. On days 4 and 5, the frustration was just beginning to be too much to handle. Although I had changed my site out 3 times during this short sprint, nothing I did worked. It was as if my body liked it to begin with, then just completely bugged out on me and was all like, “WTF? This isn’t my Novolog!”

So, I went back on my t:slim and filled it with Novolog. My blood sugars thanked me for it.

Since I had a couple of Humalog cartridges left over, I decided to use one with my next t:slim change-out and just pull the insulin from the pen cartridge. (You know, so they don’t go to waste and all.) Within hours, my sugars were cruising once again in the 300 range with no downward slope in sight, no matter the corrections I took.

So, here’s my hypothesis on it. Everyone, like snowflakes and fingerprints, is different. Some of us have chemical makeup in our bodies that play nice with Novolog, some that play nice with Humalog, some even go out of the box all together and prefer Apidra. And some people’s chemistry is just a party and dances with any type of insulin you give it. Mine is just partial to Novolog.

So while using the Snap pump was pretty neat and easy to use on a daily basis (hey, it really lives up to it’s name… it’s a “Snap” to use!), I simply can’t due to the Humalog-only bit. I do know they are working on getting a Novolog pen-cartridge accepting pump on to the market as well, so that will be great for all of you who are like me.



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  1. Mary

    wow, i never new there could be a difference depending on brand of insulin! I am always a roller coaster!! I am on Apidra now (Free until the end of the year), probably should try Humolog and Novolog, not sure if I was ever on Novolog, but have been up and down for as long as i can remember! I will discuss with my new Endo! Thanks! 8 )

  2. I’ve used Novolog ever since beginning to pump nine years ago. I used Humalog previously on injections. Because the delivery methods were/are so different, I really don’t know if Novolog and Humalog are different for me.

    My insurance is currently through the high-risk pool in Minnesota and I will be looking at new insurance through MNsure, the state exchange for the ACA. I have a two page list of things to consider and one is what the formulary insulins are. Online yesterday I looked at the Blue Cross Blue Shield formulary. Novolog is available in pens, but only Humalog is available in both vials and pens. Apidra is not available at all.

    So today I got a sample of Humalog from my endo to try. I figure that it is worth my while to give it a try as I look for insurance. In the best of worlds I will try it and think it’s just fine. In the pain-in-the-neck world I will be like you and have a huge difference. I would hate to sign on with a new insurance plan and have to appeal for Novolog right away. And if I lose the appeal, then I would be in big trouble.

    I’ll finish my current vial of Novolog and then test Humalog. I will compare the CGM tracings as well as my meter numbers and hope that the answer is clear.

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