“If you prick us, do we not bleed?” (Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare)

Humalog 3mLApparently, my fingertips haven’t gotten that message lately. I have pricked, poked, and all but stabbed them most of the time, only to see one itty bitty measly little speck of blood to come up. I know I’ve tested a lot lately, but I need for it to work now.

Well, I always do… but more-so now because I’m using Humalog on a trial basis, and apparently it has a much bigger effect on my blood sugars than I thought it would. So far this morning, I’ve eaten 73 grams of carb, and more than 40 have been in glucose tabs.

I know switching between Novolog and Humalog for some has no effect, or little at best, but it seems that for me, it has a big effect. Which makes me wonder if maybe everyone should trial different insulins at different times just to see if maybe one would actually work better than the other.



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4 responses to “Pricked

  1. Denise Bricher

    When I smoked, my fingers would not give blood. (Dumb, dumb, DUMB!)
    When my hands are cold, my fingers do not bleed.
    When I had my appendix out, I was dehydrated, so nobody could get anything out of my arms or my fingers!
    I hope that you can figure out how not to be so low on H – because eating 73 grams of CHO enough times will make you gain weight which you probably neither need nor want!

    • Sarah

      Nope, certainly not something I want. Trying to lose weight, not gain it! 🙂
      But my hands do stay cold a lot, so maybe that has something to do with it.

  2. Mary

    I finally figured out after 12 years that I can suspend my pump to help with LO’s instead of consuming so many Carbs!

  3. It’s so strange how people react differently to different insulins. When I switched to Humalog for insurance reasons, my blood sugar didn’t go below 200 for 3 days. As soon as that pod expired I paid for the Apidra and refuse to go back to Humalog.

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