Want To, But Shouldn’t

I want to complain… I want to scream my words into the computer and just let all of the anger and frustration out  here in a post. But I shouldn’t. So, I’m not. I’m just going to give an update.

  • Insurance and CareCentrix is still messing up my billing for pods, and this time, the bill doubled. So, one box is roughly $216. Insurance is working on correcting the bill…so in the meantime, I wait.
  • The other three boxes of pods are going back to Insulet today….or, well, actually, tomorrow… because they’re at home and I’m not.
  • I said goodbye to my beloved Ping this week as well. A friend needed it more than I did, so it’s theirs.
  • And, I’ve been on my t:slim pump again now for a week. I’ve enjoyed it, actually… a lot. I don’t like the clip still, but that’s okay. There are other ways to carry it… I made-do for a good two months before the t:clip came out, and I will again if need be.
  • My bg has actually been doing very well on it, except for when I had pizza last night and also had an allergic reaction, which the combination caused my bg to soar to the heavens… but it’s been good since.

There are some times when things seem awfully frustrating that you have to just sit back and think of the good around you. I am blessed. I’m frustrated with my insurance, but I’m so blessed to even have it. I was blessed to have a an extra pump to send to a friend, and I’m blessed to even have an insulin pump even if I don’t like the accessories that go with it.

I want to complain so much, but really, in scope of the bigger picture, I shouldn’t.

I’m too blessed to be stressed.



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6 responses to “Want To, But Shouldn’t

  1. You GAVE AWAY a pump? You are a GOOD friend! I’m sure your friend appreciates it. My daughter is 14 and has the Ping and we absolutely love it!

  2. You are blessed to be you with such a wonderful attitude and understanding of what things are really important. How kind of you to send your Ping on to a new home. I’m sure it will be greatly loved.

    Did you end up sending back all the pods you had or do you still have some for beach days?

  3. Jenni LaBeth

    I’m not a fan of the clip but the past month I’ve been wearing it without the top, just the bottom part that actually has the clip. It hasn’t fallen out yet and I actually don’t mind it. It doesn’t seem AS bulky as the entire clip together.

  4. You are quite nice in loaning (giving??) your pump to someone who really needs it. Here’s hoping Karma pays you back and all your troubles work themselves out.

  5. Love the line, “I’m too blessed to be stressed.” May have to hang it on my wall at work.

  6. Even though we are blessed to have insurance, battling about insurance issues are still stressful. I hope they get worked out eventually and I agree with the others that it is truly generous of you to share your pumps with others 🙂

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