Double Blogging.. and Strip Accuracy

This is going to be a bullet point post because it’s covering two separate topics and I’m too lazy to do two separate posts on the same blog.

  • IMG_5515Speaking of blogs…. I have two. Since I’m sure people get super bored about my pump switches and things, I’ve decided to work on having one blog dedicated strictly to my t:slim pumping experience… My t:slim Adventure, actually. I’m probably not going to keep it long, but I’m hoping maybe if I can get my mind centered around it and blog it out there, I can bring you guys better, less-drab content here. So, there will be a link over on the sidebar if you want to read what’s up and I’ll put links to it in my posts here if I blog on the same day… like I did today. With everything going on with my insurance and supply cost, and strip cost stuff, I’m just going to go with the simple + cheap option for me for a while.
  • And speaking of strips…You need to hop over to the article on Diabetes Daily that was sent out yesterday. I read it, shared it and even had a friend send it to me. This is a big deal. The article shows how strips are just not accurate enough, and we NEED the FDA to change the rules for tighter accuracy laws. We dose insulin – or “life juice” as my friend, Alexis, calls it… and appropriately so. So many of these strips fall too short of standard, and I look across the board, not just within 15% . but 10% and 5% too. In my opinion, there are too many other variables that can interfere with a reading, and having even 15% allowable just to have it is too high.
  • Which brings me to the StripSafely website. No, this has nothing to do with what you’re probably think it does (mind outta the gutter, people!). It’s all about raising awareness to test strip accuracy. Take the quiz, write a letter, and let’s get this movement going!

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