Switch. Wordless Wednesday

I have made the decision to stick with the Verio meter, despite it not being one of the most accurate of systems... because I have 4 boxes of strips left.

I’m going to work with my basals too, as well as how I treat lows.photo (11)

And, since scrolling on the Ping is a PAIN in the butt (some do this, but I find it irritating), I pulled my t:slim out. I’m going to be working with it to see how things go with some intense basal testing to find something that will keep me mostly in range, but not dropping low a lot. I also need to find a work-around the lack of reverse-correction above 70 and maybe make up my own chart of how much to subtract out until they come up with the fix.

So, basically starting over. From scratch. Again.

photo (12)



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2 responses to “Switch. Wordless Wednesday

  1. laosita

    Good for you! Making those decisions sometimes is the biggest road block. I’ve been trying to better treat lows as well – more GlucoLift and Level instead of tasty but high fat slow response things… Good luck!

  2. God luck with it! FTW, I continue to like the VerioIQ for it’s lighting, color screen and trend data. Although with my Dexcom I can see the trending data, I like that the VerioIQ pops up and tells me that there’s been a pattern over so many days. Since Dexcom only shows the last 24-hours on the screen, without downloading the data and pulling it up regularly I don’t spot those trends. The Verio along with Dexcom really helped me spot where I needed to make basal rate changes. 🙂

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