CareCentrix can KISS my Donkey!

(I have to say a huge thanks to Cherise for giving me that “donkey” phrase instead of using the “a” word, though I feel it would be appropriate in this case.)

I looked EVVVVERYWHERE yesterday. At my work, in both vehicles at home, in every nook and cranny of every inch of my home.. even sorted through mail from back in 2011 trying to find the one piece of paper that I needed for my insurance administrator.

I called yesterday to tell him what was going on and to let them know how much more CareCentrix was charging than what was billed. (In the end after adjustments and allowable amounts, CC received a net profit of $621.77 JUST for being the 3rd party biller for this ONE bill.) I knew I had the statement from Insulet to prove it, and sure enough he asked for it. But there was a problem. I couldn’t find it. ANYWHERE.

I did end up finding a picture of it that I had snapped when I received the bill (since, you know, I take pictures of everything?) and hoped that would be good enough.

When I got to work today, I decided to really look and clean out one more drawer…. AND IT WAS THERE!

CC Insulet

Here’s how it breaks down:

Insulet charged $1105.20 as the bill to CareCentrix. CareCentrix then billed MY insurance for $2878.28, which after provider discount and allowable amounts, ended up being $1726.97, a net profit for CC as being $621.77, and making MY copay (20%) to be $345.39 instead of 20% of the initial bill from Insulet which would have been $221.04.

It’s now been faxed over to my HIA (health insurance administrator) and I’m just waiting on them now. The ball is in their court. And hopefully, soon, I’ll be able to tell CareCentrix that they can KISS my DONKEY!



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4 responses to “CareCentrix can KISS my Donkey!

  1. Once I have some time I want to sit down and compare my charges to what your bill lists. I’d be interested to see the differences (if any) since I order directly from OmniPod.

  2. This makes my blood boil and defies all logic… ugh. These people need to be stopped.

  3. Mary

    Carecentrix tried re-billing me a higher amount for something over a year ago that I already paid at a lower amount. These 3rd party billers are terrible. And just wait when the Affordable Care Act and the IRS get involved with our Health Care, should get a lot better, hahahahahahahahahaha…..

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