Monday Morning Mashup… D-Style

Over the weekend, I had a lot of thinking to do. Decisions to be made and plans of action to be, well…, planned.

Since the whole thing that happened with Care Centrix billing and all of that, I decided to do two things. I had to hard-core decide which pump was cheaper for me to use (I’m really stretching things these days), and how to execute things out. Yes, I’m a total master at making a mountain out of a mole hill.


  • First off, if I can ever find that stupid bill that I received from Insulet that showed how much Care Centrix was billed, I am TOTALLY calling them on it and getting my insurance administrator involved. The bill stated that my insurance was billed $1100 for 4 boxes of pods, leaving what I assumed my copay to be about $220 for those 4 boxes, not $345. So I must find what I did with that bill.  I dont’ know if it will help, but it did before when I had the same issue when Care Centrix was handling the billing for my Dexcom supplies when I was pregnant (and THAT was a time that I couldn’t NOT have my CGM with those frequent almost-passing-out lows).  I’ve already spoken to all three companies this morning, and I have a headache from no one talking. Basically, because Insulet is contracted with Care Centrix for the billing, they bill Care Centrix a super secret price that I’m not allowed to know and then Care Centrix can bill my insurance the amount they want to bill… which in this case is a heck-uv-a-lot more than that wasn’t-supposed-to-get bill I got.
  • Secondly, that leaves me no choice. I cannot afford to use the Omnipod, so I’m left with the t:slim and Ping. The t:slim still has some things I need fixed on it for me to feel safe to use it, so it’s still in a drawer. I’ve already done the math, and I can get a pretty decent price on supplies if I only order the cartridges from the third-party distributor and get the infusion sets directly from Animas.
  • Which leads me to Animas. I can order 5 boxes of both infusion sets and cartridges for the least amount out of pocket. So, I’m using my Ping system. It works, and my husband has actually even observed that my sugars are better when I’m on it. You know that old saying that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Well, apparently I haven’t learned it and need to. I’m ordering and stocking up on Animas supplies so that I can use it until it dies. Omnipod is going up, and t:slim is, well, staying in the drawer where it has been so I can keep charging it.
  • IMG_5490
  • Speaking of putting up supplies, guess what came to life this week end? Old Blue (the first Dexcom receiver that had been dropped in water).  It’s been a good 4 months or so since it happened, and I looked at the screen and it didn’t appear to have any water damage. I plugged it in, it charged, and voila. It’s been working beautifully since. So I guess I have a spare now.  (Pay no attention to the graph. It was a bad day bg-wise.) Hey! It’s a no-hitter! HA.. well, the alarms were off, so I guess it would be. 😉
  • Oh, and this weekend, I attempted a first for me. A side-boob site. Two things… No it didn’t hurt going in, but MAN!! I feel each and every bolus…. it itches like crazy, which leads to me looking crazy monkey-like scratching the side of my boob. It will probably be the first as last attempt at that.


Sorry for the long post. I know I’m probably boring as heck. Especially when talking about pump stuff. So IF you’ve skipped or skimmed over the post, the jist of it is that Care Centrix can kiss my donkey, Animas is the cheaper and seemingly healthier insulin pump system for me, my Old Blue Dexcom receiver came to life this weekend, and boobs can indeed be used for sites, but with caution. Now, I need to go take some Aleve as my head is going to explode from this morning’s phone-hopping between companies.



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16 responses to “Monday Morning Mashup… D-Style

  1. laosita

    Aleve – best nsaid ever 🙂 Both Dex and Animas recently moved to 3rd party for me – I’m not having the issues that you are, but man, everything is triple complicated. Good luck!

  2. Let Omnipod know that you’re abandoning their system because of the cost. If they really want you back, maybe they’ll do something or argue with insurance on your behalf. Good luck! I can sense your frustration…

    • Sarah

      I have. And basically, (from the rep I talked with this morning) as long as they get their money and are paid, they don’t care what CareCentrix is doing.

  3. Abby

    I feel your pain!! Way to go on figuring out what will work best for you and thanks for sharing!

    I’m checking in, but I don’t remember the hashtag so hello from a lurker! I’m @alegrange on twitter…

  4. Having insurance issues recently myself, it sucks. And shouldn’t be that way. I hope the Ping and its supplies billing works out for you and that your issues are no more!

  5. carlyn

    I am cracking up that you used the side boob!!!!

  6. Emily Rush

    Happy #dblogcheck day 🙂

  7. Ugh, dealing with insurance companies is so frustrating. Sorry to hear you are having huge problems with your supply company too!

  8. Oh, health insurance. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

  9. Yay for the sideboob attempt!!!! I’ve been wanting to try since Carlyn mentioned it!

  10. Side-boob – really?
    I don’t think I could do that…

  11. Yowzers! I am not brave enough yet for side-boob. Maybe someday?? HUGS and happiness on this check-in day to YOU!!!

  12. Good luck with your Animas pump! I looove mine!

  13. Sara

    Veto the sideboob! I could never!! LOL!

    My pump payment is on CareCentrix. I’ve got about 6 months to go on that, and will be SOOO happy when I am finally done with them!!

  14. I haven’t tried the other pumps but I do really like my Ping (although I definitely want the Vibe when it’s comes to the US). I’ve been considering the Omnipod, but I’m with you when it comes to cost. The cost vs. no tubing just isn’t enough to get me to switch. Plus, I realize how freaking addicted I am to checking IOB. :p Oh & thanks for letting us know that boob sites suck! LOL 🙂

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