Cost Frustrations

I’m frustrated.


You know how I am about insulin pumps and never being able to decide on one? Well, I finally had. I was going to use the Omnipod because 1) the improvements they made, in my opinion, made the system SO much better, and I could finally understand why people chose this pump. I even set my deliveries up on auto-ship. I didn’t worry about the cost because I had been “quoted” what they should be for 3 months, and it (per month) was going to be higher, but enough that I could cut out a few things here and there to make accommodations for it.

Well, I finally received an EOB from my insurance for my order back in March for when I initially received the system. I was floored. The cost of the supplies was not what I was quoted… in fact, it was about $115 higher than I had anticipated. There’s a big difference there.

I called around, talked to everyone I knew, was given the run around about “that’s not our problem, that’s the biller’s cost”/”no, that’s Insulet’s doing, you need to call them”, blah, blah, blah, blah.

This is just too much headache, and totally not worth it. To give you an idea, **MY** cost through Animas after insurance would be about $132 for a 3 month supply of cartridges and Insets. **MY**cost through Diabetes Specialty Center for T:slim cartridges and Insets from Animas would be about $148 (t:slim cartridges are higher anyway than Animas ones, bein’ all fancy and stuff), and Omnipod?? **MY**cost, going through Insulet and being billed from Care Centrix… $345. That’s a HUGE difference.

Sure, they say there’s no big upfront cost to the Omnipod system and that it’s higher over time… BUT, for people like me, who got their pump after all deductibles and copays had been met (meaning $0 out-of-pocket for me), the Omnipod is 2.6 times more expensive on a monthly basis, and with everything being as tight as it is these days, it’s just not going to work.

I absolutely hate it. I love the Omnipod system, I really do. But I cannot afford it. If I still had the same insurance I did last year, this wouldn’t be an issue because my copays and deductible would have been met way back in January. Since they changed our plan, it’s much much more.

So, now I’m going to have to use the Animas supplies that I have and keep using it until July of next year (because apparently I actually do have warranty until July of 2014), and then switch over to t:slim IF they’ve fixed the reverse-correction issue… which reminds me, I need to call them and ask about that.

Sorry for venting. Seems I’m doing that a lot.



It seems there is nothing that I can do about the cost of the pods being so much higher. Even going through a separate distributor is more than I can handle. So, I called Insulet (again) and asked to return the two unopened boxes of pods I have. They agreed, and they’ll be going back so that I won’t have an even higher bill from CareCentrix. I have about a half of a box left, so if I needed a break or if we were spending the weekend down at the beach again before the summer is out, I can use them then.



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3 responses to “Cost Frustrations

  1. Wow! I think you and Shannon ( are flies on the wall of my house. My husband and I have been having the big “how expensive will it be to have a baby” talk and have been discussing the cost of managing diabetes as it pertains to our future baby plans. It sucks majorly that the things that work for us are sometimes out of our budget. My insurance decided to stop covering Humalog so I am stuck with Apidra, even though I suspect humalog works better for me.

    It’s obnoxious that we have to budget for this at all. It’s not like we asked our pancreases (pancrei?) to poop out on us.

  2. Sara

    “Even going through a separate distributor is more than I can handle”

    I’m not sure exactly what you mean by that statement but I had a HORRIBLE experience with Care Centrix. If you haven’t priced out other companies, I would strongly suggest it.

    • Sarah

      I was meaning the pricing I got from the ones that are in-network with my insurance because they tend to mark up, which I understand, but still. 😦

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