Boot Camping for Dex and Omnipod

No, not the army kind. But rather, the Apple MacBook kind.

I tried and tried to get my Dexcom and PDM to upload to my MacBook using VMWare to run basically a “virtual” Windows box. In other words, instead of booting up your computer to Mac OS or Windows OS, you would boot up like normal to Mac, and open a “program” that would run Windows inside of it, similar to how other apps are run. Cool, huh? Yeah, I thought so too. But I could not for the life of me get it to work. The drivers wouldn’t install into the Windows OS virtually, so I finally gave in and let my husband use Boot Camp to install Windows onto my MacBook.

For those of you who are lost with what all of that means too, basically, you can tell the computer to reserve so much space for the Mac operating system, and so much for the Windows operating system, and you can boot up to whichever system you need. This supposedly avoids the headache that many Mac users face when you own one, but whatever device you want to plug in is not Mac OS supported. How to do this, exactly, is still a mystery to me, and hence why I left it up to him to do it. I’m sure it’s easy, but knowing me, I’d screw it up. He’s a professional at this, so I gladly let him take it over.

This morning, when woke up, I had a fresh new install of Boot Camp and Windows 7 running on my MacBook Pro. Like a little girl, I eagerly downloaded the Dexcom and CoPilot software and prayed they would work…


…and they did.

I cannot express how happy I am about this. Now, If I can just get my printer to work since my endo’s office is old-school and still requires paper copies and doesn’t email. 🙂


***For what it’s worth, if you chose to do this, do so at your own risk. This works for some, but not others. I’m not an IT person, I’m just married to one, so I have no IDEA how this was done, I just know how he told me he did it.


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One response to “Boot Camping for Dex and Omnipod

  1. David B

    Congrats on the bootcamp install. The best part is that once you dload your CGM and pump data while booted in windows you can review the data and print using you OS X driver by running the boot camp partition in a vm. Keeps you from booting into windows every time you want to review your stats or print reports.

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