Frustrated. (Somewhat) Wordless Wednesday


I’m irritated and frustrated. My overnight BGs are horrible, and I’m sure it’s going to make my A1c crap. But I cannot for the life of me figure out why they are so high. I’ve adjusted basals, tried to eliminate lows before bed that could be making rebound highs… I just don’t get it. 😦 I’m envious of other people’s graphs that seemingly have excellent overnight lines and wonder to myself how do they do it?
I’m still working on it. Trying to figure out an answer before my endo appt on Monday…. Which is totally bass-aackward from how it’s supposed to be, right?
Feeling defeated. Feeling irritated. Feeling tired. Can I go back to bed now?



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9 responses to “Frustrated. (Somewhat) Wordless Wednesday

  1. What time are you eating dinner? Could that have something to do with it?

    • sugabetic

      Dinner is usually around 7, lows (if they happen) are around 10, and bedtime is around 11.

      • Do you snack before bed? Maybe you are over-correcting your lows? (so hard not to, right?!)
        If I’m semi-high before bed, I usually do a temp basal for 90-120 minutes and it brings me down but doesn’t make me crash.

        It’s so frustrating to be doing everything right and the BG still isn’t cooperating. =( Hope you figure it out soon!

  2. Denise Bricher

    Just a short period of being high won’t affect your A1C. There is a temporary bond that forms between the glucose and hemoglobin molecules that can be broken. Under the wrong conditions though, (continued high BG) the bond changes. Some really sharp guy explained this a few years ago on IP. Unfortunately, he quit and we haven’t heard from him since.

    Unexplained highs at night? That’s a good question for your endo. The body does a lot of things at night in the liver and also in the adrenal gland. Are you getting enough sleep? How long has this been going on? Could you be coming down with something serious?

    • sugabetic

      Sleep? Ha! Not really. I mean, I get like 8-9 hours a night, but I’m tired practically ALL the time. It’s been happening for we’ll over a month now.

  3. I know you want to figure it out on your own but maybe your endo will have suggestions? I hope you can figure it out either way!

  4. We need to morph our bodies and then we’d be the perfect diabetic. My numbers are ONLY always good at night! Hoping your endo has some ideas…

  5. Try having a snack before bed (if you don’t already), about 3 hours after dinner, and bolus in a short wave over an hour for it. I usually have something like a FiberOne Brownie that is 90 calories and only like 10 or 11 grams of carbs. The nights I *don’t* snack before bed, I run high all night.

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