It’s been about 6 weeks since the Diabetes Sisters conference in Raleigh.

I’ll have to say that while it was a conference and they kept us pretty busy, just being able to be around other diabetics filled something I’ve been missing since I was a CIT (counselor in training) at Camp Adam Fisher in my high-school years. I made a few good friends there, and lately, I’ve been missing them.

Diabetes Sisters is more than a conference where you go to different presentations and learn new things. It’s a place to go that for even just 2 days, you are the norm, your diabetes is the norm, and people want to know you for you, not your bionic parts and vampire tendencies. Sort of like diabetes camp for adults.

Yes, we have things like Facebook and Twitter and even calling and texting now a’ days, but I miss that in-person experience. The whole awesomeness around being able to see other people prick their fingers and check their sugars and needing to pop glucose tabs without having everyone look at you with a “whatareyoudoing?!?!?” stare. I miss the whole sitting around, telling each other’s d-stories, and finding out just how much alike or not we were. I miss the encouraging speeches along with the “this one time, I had the s#!* scared out of me when…” stories.

I miss the hugs.

The people who I met were great, awesome, diadivas.

I miss them so much.



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6 responses to “Missing

  1. 😦 I miss you too! East Coast d-meetup??

  2. We can totally make that happen 🙂 You know, we could rent like a huge beach house or something in the off months (fall/winter) for a weekend, and pull together an invite list of girls we know who might want to come!

  3. I miss you too Sarah!! But I am very glad we have other ways to communicate until the next time 🙂

  4. I seriously think about you all at least 2-3 times A DAY. Please rent a “beach” house in Minnesota. =)

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