Bling That Thing!

A week or so ago, I began seeing where Cherise was painting her Omnipod Pods. I was intrigued.  As much as I love finding ways to spice up the colors of d-supplies, this was right up my ally. Come to find out, you can use about anything to paint them with, but I’ve been using fingernail polish, as it was what Cherise said she was using. And I’ve seen people paint the old used pods before, but not ones you hadn’t used, so when I saw that people were painting them before wearing them to spice up the look, I was in full-blown, jaw-dropped, “OMGosh” mode. So, you can go from medical white to any ole design you’d like with a little patience!

Today is pod change day… I’ll be putting on my freshly painted purple pod.. on my arm… out in the open.. during the summer. Something I would not have done prior to this. Now? I’ve taken the effort to bling it, why cover it?




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2 responses to “Bling That Thing!

  1. Deborah L.

    I wish I had pods so I could customize them. Love the bling!

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