Summer Dress

IMG_4958Maxi. Sun. A-line.

All dresses that I used to want to wear, just never did because A) My bottom half is that of a plus sized woman, where my upper half is still in the “average” size (and barely there in some departments), so most one-piece dresses do not fit properly for my shape and B) just having to clip the pump somewhere is irritating. Yeah, I can do everything from the Ping meter remote, so that’s not an issue, and tucking away the t:slim? Well, that ain’t happening, so I usually avoid dresses if I were to wear it.

BUT considering shorts are just not for me as apparently you have to have the sleek, slender shaped legs and not mind short bottoms that ride up into your hoo-ha to wear these days (or at least that’s how I feel about them.. most people other than me look fine in them.. plus sized or size 0), I have to look at other options or else endure the heat in long pants.

So I’m looking in to dresses again. And, since I’m on my tube-break and am using my Omnipod system again, it makes things a lot “free”er. I remembered a commenter once asking me if when I inserted the pods in my thighs, if I “pinched up”. I thought it was silly since I’m not in any way, shape, or form “tiny” in that area and wouldn’t have a chance of it hitting muscle, so I just never did. I didn’t think it was necessary. Well, lo and behold, I did pinch up this time just to see… and by golly, it worked. Don’t quite know why yet, but it did. My bg’s are just as good as if I had placed it on my stomach site.

So, if I can find a few more dresses to wear, I may just take a summer long tube-break. It’s nice to be a bit free.


painted pod

(Oh, and speaking of podding, did you know you can paint yours? Yeah.. so, you can apparently paint them with fingernail polish to add a little “bling”. There’s even a Facebook group to share your photos in!)



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3 responses to “Summer Dress

  1. Samantha

    The dress looks fabulous!! I personally LOVE dresses for the very reason that they make it easier to hide my pump. I wear my site on my leg and then strap the pump to my upper thigh. It’s a lot more cofortable (and less sweaty) than having it tucked into my bra like I usually do. I hope you can find more dresses you like! oh – and mazi skirts are also a new fave of mine for the summer – sooo comfy and super easy to hide the pump! cheers!

  2. I hardly ever wear dresses either but I bought a nightgown last year and it was so awesome to be able to wear it (using the pods) without worrying about finding a place for the pump! Truly awesome 😉

  3. Alexandra

    Good choice, to wear dresses instead of shorts, I prefer dresses myself. I can recommend this website, they have some very nice summer dresses and some in plus size –

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