Sensing Icky

It’s true. I’m not one to stick to the rules of anything related to medical devices… or at least, not for very long. One, being the use of my Dexcom. I am more than likely to wear a Dexcom sensor for 2-3 weeks, even though they are only approved for one week.

But with this comes two problems. One, the ickiness. Just the plain ole look that you know it’s pretty nasty and grimy to have kept one sticker stuck there for however long. You can see it becoming dirty and nasty and lifting up all around the edges. I keep cutting away at the tape as it lifts and refuses to stay down with SkinTac and I replace the tape as much as it will let me…. even down to when there is barely any tape left aside from what’s underneath the transmitter bay.


Then comes the next problem… WHEN THE FREAK DID I INSERT THIS THING??? I can barely ever remember when I change out my sensors. You would think I would keep a diary of it somehow. I need to. Because, currently, I don’t knowย when this one was inserted, and for some reason, I’m thinking it was a week or so after DiabetesSisters, which has been over a month ago now. And Dexcom did include a handy dandy little feature under Settings > Device Info that shows when the sensor was last inserted… but that was when you TOLD the receiver that you inserted a new sensor… when actually you’re just re-starting it…


So going by this doesn’t work either.

And I don’t think to log everything into my phone either… but I’m thinking I may have to. I need to get back to logging them into my SiteSelector app. That used to work nicely.

If you’re an extender, how do you keep up with how long you’re worn your sensors? Do you wear them til they go kaput or do you change them out every 1 or two weeks just to be on the “safer” side? If you do extend, how do you keep up with how long you’ve worn it?



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7 responses to “Sensing Icky

  1. If I’m REALLY on top of things, I note “SC” for sensor change on the family calendar we have hanging up in the kitchen. Then sometimes, I start out the sensor with only 1 strip of Opsite Flexifix tape over it. On week #2, I put another strip cross-wise over the 1st one. So, usually I know when I hit 2 weeks, and I generally can’t get good numbers out of them after more than 19-20 days, so it makes me have to change it before too long regardless. I think 3 weeks and a couple days may be my best wear-time to date ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I leave sensors on until the “???” starts showing up and being annoying. Then I replace. I also don’t cut off any of the adhesive. I just put the opsite flexifix over as it starts to lift. The dinginess of the adhesive doesn’t bother me at all as I always have it on a part of the body that is under clothes, so no one sees it but me.

  3. It’s silly, but this is what the Dexcom rep told me when I first got mine back in 2010: I write the date on the white identifying tag/sticker on the sensor package, e.g. 06/14/13. Then I cut the white sticker off of the package, and stick it in my pump supply bag. Seems so remedial, but it works for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Bruce

    I write the date, just the number of the day of the month, with a Sharpie on the original adhesive then within a week I put the first set of IV 3000. That way I can look down and read it when I want to. I’m not worried about someone seeing the number on it, it’s a sensor device attached to me.

  5. Marc

    If you go to the Sucess Report tab there’s a box at the top called Key Metrics. In that box is Sensor Age. That will give you the total time that senson has been in use. Hope that’s helpful.

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