Double Duty

IMG_4873{For the love of all things good and Holy, please do NOT take this or anything I ever do on this blog as medical advice or as a suggestion for you to do this yourself. I understand the risks involved in what I do, and I DO NOT take any responsibility if you do decide to copy me in my endevors. Always speak with a medical professional before doing ANYTHING outside of your treatment plan. /disclosure }


Soooo you know I’m all ears and full of curiosity when I read something about a pump feature or something cool someone is trying out with their pumps? Weeelllllll….

The curiosity bug bit me again. This time about pumping Symlin with the Omnipod. Yeah. Crazy, right? Well, I had been thinking about it and dismissing it and then revisiting it so much that I decided to try it. I had Symlin from a couple years ago still in my fridge (yeah… like, way expired….) so I thought I’d give it a go. I did some digging around to find out how to convert the dosages into units to be able to pump what I knew was a dose that didn’t give me side effects before and I plugged it in as a new basal rate and put on a new pod filled with Symlin. For a day and a half, I was double-pumping… insulin pumping, that is.

The first and second day were good. My sugars didn’t spike and dip like before, but more so just gradually shifted from one to the other. Things were going pretty good.

But I stopped the experiment out of fear. I was too chicken to keep going. I was scared I would have a low and not be able to come up as quickly due to the nature of Symlin. Plus, with all of the dinner + BG issues I’ve been having lately, it only added to the problem. My bg’s did okay.. I just didn’t feel safe finishing out the three-day experiment.

BUT…. one thing I did like was not feeling “attached”. Yeeess, I’ve been down this road before and said I’d only use the pod system for breaks….so… I guess I’m on break. With the kidlet wanting to play with my pump and press the buttons and getting mad when I remove it from him… yeah.. I decided it was time for a pod or two to break away from the tubes and buttons. (Read: I’m the crazy pump lady… it’s been confirmed.)



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3 responses to “Double Duty

  1. Whoa! I’ve never thought about pumping symlin – although I’ve never tried it even via injection because I’ve always been too scared of severe lows. Embrace the Omnipod! No shame in switching back in forth when it’s convenient for you 🙂

  2. If you had posted this on Tuesday, I’d have thought you were nuts.

    But last night, I had the pleasure of attending a speech given my JDRF’s really-smart-research-guy Aaron Kowalski (not his real title), and one of the things he mentioned were that some people use two pumps: one for insulin and one for Symlin. It’s an experimental/trial thing (one of MANY experimental/trial things), and he didn’t go into the details, but since beta cells of non-D people produce both hormones, the idea of pumping both is not so far-fetched.

  3. You are seriously nuts about your pumps, but I still love ya.

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