This is a feature I have never had to use before. I’ve never worried about accidental button presses or anything else. Actually, apart from doing it in my training over 3 years ago, I don’t think I’ve ever used it….

Until last night.

And, honestly, the only reason why I remembered how to do it was because I was recently on hold trying to call about my meter and they had one of those automated message things come on to tell you how it’s activated. Anyway, back to the story.

So, last night, the kidlet and I were sitting in the big recliner rocking and watching the premier to one of my favorite shows ( Switched At Birth – I watch it because of the sign language. I learned it in high school, and it’s fun to actually know what they’re saying!…well, most of the time anyway) and I looked down and there it was… in the bolus menu with the kidlet just breezing through.

HOLY MOLY! I sorta freaked for a couple seconds.

If I hadn’t looked down, he could have bolused me and I wouldn’t have known it until it had started to deliver.

Of course, I also have to think that he probably wouldn’t have been terribly successful, but still… wow. Just. Whoa. I immediately put the pump into (LOCKED) mode. Thank GOODNESS I just so happened to hear that little prompt a week or so ago. Granted, I could have just moved it out of his sight, but I was thankful that I had remembered the simple step.

So, If you have an Animas Ping and maybe don’t remember how to lock it, all you do is press and hold the up and down arrow buttons together until it shows (LOCKED), and again to unlock it. Easy-peasy.

Now, I need to figure out how to have a (LOCKED) function on the TV remote…


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  1. My little one has been trying to sneak button-presses on my pump also. Fortunately, I’ve caught him right away and stopped him from doing anything.

    My older son…he never tried anything like this. But the little one has a mischevious side to him… I know he’s going to be trouble! (I still love him though!)

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